Pick up: 07:30 from your accommodation in Sofia
Distance: 400 km
Transfer time: 6 hours
Tour Duration: All day
Best period: All year
Price: XXXX еuro/person

07:30 Pick up from your hotel in Sofia
10:00 Melnik – the smallest town in Bulgaria. Visit the Kordopulova house, the Medieval church ruins and the natural sand Pyramids.
11:30 Rozhen Monastery
12:30 Lunch in traditional restaurant in Melnik
14:30 Rupite
16:30 Transfer back to your hotel


  • Entrance fees (Kordopulova house, Rupite) and transfer
  • All transportation costs along the route, VAT and parking fees
  • English-speaking driver
  • Passengers insurance
  • Pickup and drop off from your hotel


  • Tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses

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  • No hidden charges
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Good to Know

  • Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended
  • Bring a long sleeve clothes or a scarf to cover your arms in the Rozhen Monastery
  • Bring sun protection cream during the summer
  • Don’t forget your camera


The tiniest town, Melnik, is a pearl in the southwest Bulgaria. The proximity of Pirin is guarantee of picturesqueness, because the mountain is famed for its stern and grand mountain beauty. The altitude of the locality where Melnik lies is 437 meters. With its transient climate, passing into Mediterranean mildness, it offers comfort, with minimal rains in summer, and maximal precipitations in winter. Fans of mountain chalets have ample choices. Melnik is the starting point for trails to the Pirin chalet and the Malina chalet.

The Rozhen monastery is near Melnik, not far even when going on foot. On the way to the monastery the curious Melnik Pyramids captivate with their uniqueness. These mounds of sandstone, rising to up to 100 meters, are unlike any other formations. But in Melnik itself there is plenty to marvel at: fascinating old style houses and opportunities to learn about wine making, a strong trade there.



Rozhen Monastery

Rozhen Monastery, near the smallest Bulgarian town Melnik, was restored carefully in1981. That was an ancient monastery whose murals, icons, and woodcarvings needed a lot of restoring. Now it charms with its architectural, artistic, as well as cultural significance. Near it is the grave of Yane Sndanski, a Bulgarian fighter for freedom who lived there until his death. The Bulgarian film ”Time of Parting” was shot in the monastery. It showed life under Ottoman domination.

The Rozhen monastery is part of the list of the one hundred most precious tourist sites in Bulgaria. The backdrop of Pirin, a stern but beautiful mountain, is magnificent. The village of Rozhen is just a kilometer away. Nearby, besides Melnik, is also the town of Sandanski.

The Rozhen Monastery can be reached from Melnik via an asphalted road which reaches right to its gates, but there is no regular public transport to the monastery.


In a valley not far from the town of Petrich, near the border with Greece, is the Rupite village. The distance between Rupite and Petrich is just 8 kilometers. The volcanic hill Kozhukh rises by the village. In the eastern part is the healing Rupite locality. There, mineral springs with a temperature of 75 degrees offer salubrious effect. The place has ancient history. There lie the ruins of one of the largest ancient towns in the Struma river’s valley. The town’s name was Heraclea Sintica. The site of the town was identified as local coins were discovered there. Geosonar work was done to trace the exact place of Heraclea Sintica.

The Rupite locality is considered a sacred place. The famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga spent her last years there. Vanga helped many people who flocked from diverse places and also from abroad. A temple rises in the place and attracts throngs.