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Join a ATV / offroad adventure in Bulgaria

For our adrenaline-loving customers we organize off-road tours with 4×4 vehicles, ATVs, quad bikes, buggies and go-carts.

Tours include transportation, English speaking guide, training and equipment. We can also combine several activities in a day or multi-day tour. Send us your requirements and we will provide a free price estimate. Example itinerary will be attached.

For fans of driving, there are very tempting offroad experiences, where you will test your skills in rough conditions. But these conditions will not be something to overcome on your own, you will have an instructor by your side. You will see that Bulgarian nature is unique, especially pristine spots far from the beaten tracks. So your drive will yield two benefits, testing your skills and getting to know this picturesque country.

Bulgaria’s mountain areas are great for offroad driving. There are dirt roads, rocky paths, hills, etc.

Have you tried riding on an ATV? If you have not, try it now, in Bulgaria, to see why it is an unmissable and thrilling experience.

Offroad adventures in the Balkan, the Rhodopes and Sredna Gora mountains

These two mountains, one running across the middle of the country, and the other located in the south, not far from the border, have lots of verdure, forests with tempting shades and paths and dirt roads where your experience in the lap of nature will make you rewarded and full of eagerness to try it again.

Sredna Gora is another mountain which charms and invites for rough offroad driving or ATV rides.

Drive the vehicle on rough ground, like dirt roads, paths, river beds, etc. Driving in snow is also challenging.

How long the adventure lasts

The duration depends on your skills and on the terrain. When you have a ride on an ATV, generally it is about one or two hours, if it is a short one, and can be as long as four hours.

Around Koprivshtitsa, a picture perfect small town in the Balkans, rides on ATVs can be of up to 4 hours, and in the Rhodopes, for example near Peshtera, you can take short rides of one hour.

The training prior to the ATV ride and the safety items

To ride an ATV, you do not need a driving license, but you will be instructed on the basics. You will be provided with a helmet and all the required protective items.


There is certainly a limitation to the age of the enthusiasts ready for offroad adventures and riding ATVs. You must be minimum 16 years of age.

For some rides, on buggies, kids of minimum 12 years can go, but they should be accompanied by a parent.

Book your off-road ATV ride in Bulgaria with us

We offer transportation and fluent English speaking guides. They will make your stay in this country easy and fulfilling.

If one experience of this kind is not enough, we can book a whole adrenaline tour for you. That means you can try not only offroad driving, but also bungee jumping, or parachuting, or another extreme sport or sports.

We can also take you to important sites of historical interest. Bulgaria is dotted with fascinating places: rivers, forests, waterfalls, ponds, etc. Explore them to feast your eyes on nature’s beauty, and prove to yourself that you are a great driver or rider.


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