Cycling in Bulgaria – Guided and Self Guided Tours

Bulgaria is a land rich in varied and beautiful vistas – so why not explore these dramatic hills, mountains, valleys and coastal roads on a bike? I offer a range of fully customisable cycling tours in Bulgaria, exploring everything from lakes, to picturesque, cobbled streets.

Here are some benefits of my personalised cycling tours in Bulgaria:

The best thing about my tours is that they’re always fully customised… and built around you! Tell me where you want to start, what you want to do, and where you want to finish your tour.
I’ve been operating tours around Bulgaria for years. My experience, combined with my local knowledge, allows me to show you all the hidden gems that most visitors miss.
You’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable, air-conditioned bus as we travel to the start point of our cycle route.
All of my tours are offered at highly affordable rates… and I’m always happy to customize a trip to meet your budget!

Join me on a guided bike tour around Bulgariaor let me design the best self-guided trip for you and your friends! 

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More about the Cycling in Bulgaria

The main roads comprise U5, an international motorway passing from Europe to Asia Minor, branching off at Sofia to continue to Greece via one branch, and to Turkey via the other branch. From Sofia, two motorways lead to the seaside: Hemus to Varna, and Trakia to Bourgas. In the high speed lanes, bicycles are not allowed. On the main roads there are no special lanes for cyclists, so it is necessary to ride with cars. It is a must to wear a fluorescent vest.

It is most delightful to take the country roads connecting towns and villages, peaceful and easy to ride along, often in the company of karts drawn by donkeys, and sometimes having to wait for herds to cross the road. Taking breaks is worthwhile, with water fountains, benches, catering facilities, and local producers selling their fruit or vegetables inviting everyone to buy. Stopping at petrol stations is also a solution, to use the facilities, get food, water, or souvenirs.

Cycling in Bulgaria in Details

Cyclists can explore not only the towns and villages, but also the mountains, the lush pine forests, enjoy the cerulean lakes and hurrying mountain brooks. In mountain lodges, herb tea is a must to sample, and sitting by the stove is a delight. At the seaside, touring beaches, especially pristine ones near small towns, is easy on bikes, with new destinations awaiting cyclists each day. A host of quiet roads invite for cycling, to places untouched by buys tourism, which accounts for their charm for bikers coming to Bulgaria to explore nature and history there.

Cyclists can draw up itineraries comprising food and wine festivals which are regular events in the country, to combine the enrichment of their knowledge of the country with the sampling of national dishes, replete with spices, vegetables galore, and therefore uniquely scrumptious.

Cycling can be done easily, with the opportunities for renting bikes, equipment, and all accessories needed. It is essential to limit the weight of a packed rucksack to 7 kg at most. Comfortable shoes, padded shorts, waterproof trousers, good cycling socks, windproof jackets are among the essentials.

The Bulgarian Cycling Association combines member companies which provide facilities and guidance for cycling tourism. There is a project which will soon provide an Euro Velo route: the Black Sea cycling trail.