Day Tours from Sofia

When you visit Bulgaria, you’ll find layer upon layer of culture and history just waiting to be discovered. Only on a full day tour from Sofia you’ll find ancient cities, striking architecture, beautiful churches, nature sights, breath taking landscapes and amazing mountains. There’s so much to be seen for a small group on a full day sightseeing tour from Sofia, that it would be impossible to list. After all Bulgaria is such a small country, but full of wanders.

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So talk to me now, and start planning your own guided day tour from Sofia! Just let me know what your tastes are, and I’ll be happy to customize the perfect tour to interest any group.

You can visit the most famous sights in the country located on a day trip from Sofia – Rila monastery, Melnik and Buzludzha monument; the big cities Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo, the most beautiful mountains on the Balkans or even the sea cost sights ad Nessebar and Varna. And when you choose Private Guide Bulgaria team for a day trips from Sofia, you’ll always have full control over what you see and do.

Sofia City tour

Guided Sofia City Tour

We offer variety of Sofia city tours with local licensed tour guides, including visit to the most interesting sights in the Bulgarian capital. During the city tours you will become closer to the local life – visit neighborhoods and hidden places, restaurant and cafes which are unknown for tourist. […]


Plovdiv day tour

Visit Plovdiv – the Cultural Capital of Europe

Еven if you toured across Bulgaria, your trip is not complete without going on a full day tour from Sofia to Plovdiv – the Bulgarian city which has been chosen for the cultural capital of Europe for 2019! Three of the top Bulgarian sights at one tour.  […]


Day tour to Veliko Tarnovo from Sofia

Veliko Tarnovo Day Tour from Sofia

This Sofia day tour to the old Bulgarian capital, Veliko Tarnovo will bring you back in 12th century when on this places used to live Bulgarian kings and queens. Veliko Turnovo, huddled in the initial folds of the Balkan mountains, lures with its scenery and charm of old houses and streets. .[…]



Tour to Buzludzha Monument – Enjoy Communism!

If you are wondering among the historical and nature sights in Bulgaria this tour to Buzludzha monument will blow your mind away. Visit the old communistic monument ranks 25th on the list of Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World. Are you ready for an adventure?[…]


Day tour to Rila monastery from Sofia

Rila Monastery and the Stob’s Piramyds

Visit the Rila Monastery (UNESCO), which proudly ranks in the top sights of Bulgaria which should be visited to form an idea of the wealth of Bulgarian history and worthy culture. This is the most famous place for Sofia day excursions, because the monastery was declared a national historical reserve.[…]


Day tour from Sofia to Melnik

The Wine Lovers Day Tour From Sofia

Nature, local life and wine. What a perfect combination isn’t it? It will turn your day tour from Sofia into real tasty adventure. Explore the delicious Bulgarian flavors and become a part of the local life in the small town in Bulgaria. […]


From Sofia to Kazanlak and Koprivshtitsa

Explore the Valley of Roses and the Thracian Kings

Get closer to the Bulgarian Rose Valley in Kazanlak area with this Day tour from Sofia to Kazanlak. This day trip from Sofia will also take you to the beauty of Revival period architecture in Koprivstitsa which must be seen to understand what masters lived in the Revival period and how durable their houses are, standing now firm and impressive with their peculiar style[…]


Hiking the Vitosha mountain

Visit Melnik and Rila Monastery

During this trip from Sofia you will be able to visit both the Top Bulgarian landmark – Rila monastery and to become a part of the local life in the mountain village called Melnik. There you will try a variety of special Bulgarian wines that can be found only here and nowhere else in the world..[…]


Day tour to Belogradchik from Sofia

Tour to Belogragchik Rocks and the Magura Cave

Тhe magnificent Belogradchik Rocks are one of the most popular tourist destinations full day tour from Sofia. Indicative of the strength and endless sense of nature, rocks are admired for many generations, before science could explain their origin.[…]


From Sofia to Koprivshtitsa and Starosel

The Bulgarian Rural Day Tour

This Sofia day tour will brings you closer to the Bulgarian history and local life in the ancient villages. You will visit three traditional villages which are situated close to each other, between the beautiful mountains Rila and Rhodopes. All of them exude beauty and grandeur, welcome with forests, glades, springs, lakes. […]


The Abandoned Bulgaria Day Tour

The Abandoned Bulgaria Day Tour

This tour is for adventurers who want to explore the history on a different way. During this day tour from Sofia you will be able to explore the most amazing abandoned places in Bulgaria as Buzludzha monument, abandoned factories, schools and more. Do not be afraid, we will help you to get the most amazing photos. […]


Day tour to Musala peak from Sofia

Hiking Trip to the Musala peak in Rila

If you want to hike the highest top on the Balkan peninsula, this full day tour from Sofia to Rila is just for you. The route on the way to the Musala peak is light, all day long itinerary which will show you the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains. […]


Day tour to Seven Rila Lakes from Sofia

Hiking Day Trip to the Seven Rila Lakes

If your energy level is from the highest and you can describe yourself as a mountain lover, this day tour to the Seven Rila lakes is your ticket. Hiking across the land considered by many Bulgarians as sacred will make you become close to the nature and its powerful beauty.[…]


Hiking the Vitosha mountain

Vitosha Mountain Daily Hiking

The Vitosha mountain is Sofia’s most embellishing nature pearl. For mountaineers, it is the best option for a Sofia day tour as the nearby mountains are reached quickly and immerse in crisp air, verdant surroundings with ski slopes, hiking trails and cozy chalets.[…]


Day Tour to Nis, Serbia

Day Tour to Nis, Serbia

If you want to become more familiar with the life in the Balkans, visit the most interesting city in South Serbia – Nis. During the tour you will visit different landmarks, from Nis fortress and the birth place of Constantine the Great to the “Red Cross” – concentration camp from the World War II […]


Day Tour to Skopje, Macedonia

Day Tour from Sofia to Skopje, Macedonia

The Macedonian capital is located just 3 hours away from Sofia, so why to miss a chance to visit it. There you will find a lot of interesting monuments, an old Turkish town, great and delicious food and […]


More about Sofia City

In the ancient past, Sofia was the favorite place for restoration for Emperor Constantine the Great, who called it “my Rome”. Now it attracts throngs of tourists seeking diverse types of recreation and vacation activities. Just like in the ancient period of its existence, when the site was frequently sought for the favorable conditions and the spellbinding charm of the nature, as well as on account of its central location with respect to major crossroads, nowadays Sofia welcomes with a much vaster selection of sights, attractions, sports opportunities, and, not least, restaurants boasting delectable local cuisine, rich in vegetables and spices found specially here. That is a heaven for those longing to immerse in ancient times’ glory and significance, and for those who are avid cultural events attendees.

Sofia city is also a favored spot for tourists who sample its rich history and culture. For mountaineers, it is a frequent target as the nearby mountains, especially Vitosha, are reached quickly and immerse in crisp air, verdant surroundings and welcoming chalets. Winters are busy here, as the city welcomes winter sports fans who head for Vitosa’s ski slopes. In all seasons the moderate continental climate is auspicious for vacations, with an annual temperature averaging 10.1 degrees Centigrade.

There are many options for day trips from Sofia

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia is a convenient starting point for day trips in Bulgaria passing through the most interesting landmarks in the country. The most popular private day trip from Sofia to Plovdiv is organized and built around our guests’ personal interests. We can also organize day trips from Sofia to Rila monastery, day tours from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo and Troyan, Belogradchik day trips and longer tours to the seaside pearls, the cities of Bourgas and Nessebar, Sozopol and Varna.

Although the sea coast is not near, the warm and sun soaked summers in Sofia enable citizens and tourists to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the pools. Because of the higher altitude, summer temperatures are more clement compared to those by the coast. 

Mountaineers also have many choices among the nearby mountains. The day tours from Sofia are running daily to Pirin National park and the scenic Rila mountain just a few hours away.