3-day Itinerary

The Bulgaria Long Weekend Tour

Explore the must seen places in Bulgaria for 3 days

View all of the most important historic and cultural sites of Bulgaria in one Long Weekend. Your private 3-day cultural tour will include the stunning Valley of the Roses, the ancient splendour of the Kazanlak Thracian Tombs and Rila monastery – as well as the chance to see more modern sights like the Buzludzha Monument.

You’ll also have city tours through some of Bulgaria’s most interesting towns. These include Plovdiv – the oldest inhabited city in Europe and European Capital of Culture – and the architectural reserve of Melnik with its Earth Pyramids.

All of this is in the company of your deeply knowledgeable, licensed local tour guide and personal driver. You’ll control the air conditioning in your roomy minivan and are free to add or remove to stops to create your dream Bulgarian weekend trip itinerary.

We can easily tailor this tour around your dates and interests – and send you a free, personalized quote.
Let us know if you would like to start and finish in different cities, add or remove an attraction, add a day for rest.

You choose the places and the pace!

3 DAYS BULGARIA #1: Rila monastery – Melnik – Plovdiv – The Rose Valley



Trip to Rila Monastery→ Depart from Sofia in the morning

→ Transfer to the Rila monastery (2-2:30 hours)→ Guided tour of the monastery

Visit the Rila Monastery museum and complex→ Transfer to Melnik (the smallest city in Bulgaria a.k.a. The Bulgarian Capital of Wine)
Sightseeing and wine tasting in local winery (optional)

Overnight in Melnik


Plovdiv→ Transfer to Plovdiv, The European Capital of Culture (4 hours)

→ Walking city tour of Plovdiv

Visit The Old Town (dating from the 19th century); the exterior of the Ethnographic museum; Balabanov house; the Ancient theatre of Philippopolis; the Ancient stadium of Philipopolis; the St. Constantin and Elena church; the Djumaya Mosque and square; the building of the Regional Historical Museum; Saint Ludvik Cathedral; the Agara (Marketplace); the famous main pedestrian street; “The Trap” neighbourhood and Nebet Tepe.

→ Free time in Plovdiv in the afternoon

Overnight in Plovdiv


Kazanluk, valley of roses→ Depart after breakfast from your hotel in Plovdiv

→ Visit the Rose Valley and Kazanlak area
Explore the Thracian Tomb “Golyama Kosmatka” in Kazanlak
→ Stop for lunch in Kazanlak area
→ Visit the Russian memorial church
→ Visit the Buzludzha Monument
→ Transfer back to Sofia (3-3.5 hours)

3 DAYS BULGARIA #2: Sofia – Veliko Tarnovo – The Rose Valley – Plovdiv



Trip to Veliko Tarnovo→ Pick up from your accommodation in Sofia
→ Walking city tour in the morning (2-3 hours)
Visit the: St. Nedelya square; Nedelya church; St Sofia Monument; St. Petka Church; The old Serdika Ruins; The mineral springs; The council of ministers; The Rotunda “Saint George”; The Presidency; The mosque “Banya Bashi”; The National archaeology museum (not going inside); The National Bank of Bulgaria; Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Square; The King’s palace; The Russian church; St. Sofia Church; The National Theater; The Monument of the “unknown soldier”; The Alexander Nevski Memorial Church; The city garden.
→ Transfer to Veliko Tarnovo after lunch (3 hours)
→ Visit the Tsarevets fortress and the craft street
→ Free time in Veliko Tarnovo for dinner

Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo


kazanlak tombDepart after breakfast from your hotel in Veliko Tarnovo
→ Transfer to Etar complex
→ Explore the Ethnographic open air museum
→ Transfer to the rose valley and Kazanlak area via Shipka Pass (1.5 hours)
Explore the Thracian tomb in Kazanlak or the Buzludzha monument
→ Transfer to Plovdiv (1:30- 2:00 hours)

Overnight in Plovdiv


Plovdiv→ Walking Plovdiv city tour in the morning (2-3 hours)
Visit The Old town from the 19th century; the Ethnographic museum (outside); Balabanov house; the Ancient theatre of Philippopolis; the Ancient stadium of Philipopolis, The St Constantin and Elena church, The Djumaya mosque and square, The building of the Regional Historical Museum, Saint Ludvik cathedral, Agara (Marketplace), the Main walking street, “The Trap” neighborhood; Nebet tepe)
→ Transfer to the Bachkovo monastery (40 min)
→ Explore the monastery complex
→ Transfer back to Sofia (2:30 hours)
→ Drop off at any location in Sofia

What your tour price includes

  • Local knowledge and interaction – your friendly, fully licensed English-speaking tour guide will bridge the language gap between yourself and the locals you’ll meet. They will also offer deep local insight and knowledge to lend colour to your trip.
  • Complete customisation – do you want to do your tour back-to-front? How about skipping a site? Or adding one? We’re always happy to meet your needs.
  • All fees included – the only things we don’t include are your food, drinks and personal expenses. Everything else will be clearly described in your quote.
  • Flexible, expansive travel – although we usually have a smaller group focus, we can easily accommodate large group bookings of up to 50 people.
  • Enjoy your dream private tour of Bulgaria – ride in your spacious, air-conditioned vehicle as you set times, destinations and more!

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Private tour! No other tourists!
Friendly local tour guide
Starting point and time at your convenience
Breaks and photo stops at your convenience


  • Licensed local tour guide
  • Private Vehicle
  • Entrance for the museums (upon request)


  • Food and drinks
  • Accommodation
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Personal expenses

Good to Know

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes is recommended
Don’t forget your camera

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    More about Sofia

    Sofia lies on important crossroads which have contributed to its development as an important center and a site steeped in history. In antiquity, roads passed through it to link the Adriatic and the mid Europe with the areas around the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and reached as far as the Middle East. The area of Sofia was a busy hub of diverse activities, and it has remained the country’s most renowned center for trade, culture, and tourism. Several small river cross the city, and the larger Iskar river flows past its east complexes.

    The abundance of mineral and thermal springs is an indubitable attraction for fans of spa vacations and restorative chillout. The number of springs totals 15, and the total flow rate of all springs is 130 liters per second. Added to the plentiful water sources are the artificial lakes and dams built in the last 60 years.

    More about Rila Monastery 

    Rila Monastery is a much visited sight, not only because it is part of the UNESCO list of precious heritage sights. It is scenically located in the upper section of the Rilska river basin, and above it rises the greenery clad Rila mountain. The monastery’s founder was Ivan Rilski who established it in the 10th century. The Rilska river flows past, and the Pastra village lies nearby. The imposing building of the monastery dating from the 18th century rises in five floors, four of which can be seen. That is a peculiarity which was necessitated during the building period, imposed by the Ottoman rulers. The museum is arranged on the ground floor. 

    One of the symbols of the Rila Monastery is the tower named after Hrelyo, a local ruler. It is the oldest preserved building in the whole monastery complex. On top of the tower, a chapel boasts precious 14th century frescoes.

    More about Plovdiv 

    Plovdiv is spread in the Thracian plain through which the Maritsa river flows at an unhurried pace. The city is split in two by the Maritsa. The Sredna Gora mountain hills rise on three sides, the Rhodope mountain slopes tower on the south. The plain is cut by the valleys of several other rivers. The area proper of the city includes seven hills.

    History fans will be aware of the significance of Plovdiv’s ancient background, because its age equals that of the ancient Troy, boasting history of about 6 millennia. In the 4th century BC it was conquered by Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great’s father, and was named Philipopolis. In a later period it altered its name to Trimontium, meaning “Three Hills”. In antiquity Plovdiv was renowned as a crucial settlement; it retains its fame nowadays, welcoming not only traders but anyone eager to learn about Bulgaria by exploring it.

    More about Veliko Tarnovo

    Veliko Turnovo, huddled in the initial folds of the Balkan mountains, lures with its scenery and charm of old houses and streets. The Yantra river winds by, and can be seen from the town’s most picturesque Gurko Street which leads visitors past olden time houses with unique architecture, with plenty of pots of scented flowers by the windows, and restaurants which offer delicious meals together with a view of the monument and the art gallery.

    Veliko Turnovo is a university town. The Saints Cyril and Methodius University and the Vassil Levski Military University attract students from the whole country. But there is also a whole bouquet of sights. They literally dot the whole area of the old town. The Nativity Cathedral, the Tsarevets and Trapezitsa fortresses, a number of old buildings built by eminent masters and turned into museums await everyone who appreciates learning about ancient history in picturesque settings. 

    More about Melnik

    A visit to this tiny town is a journey into past. The location of Melnik is serene; serenity is guaranteed in that smallest town in the whole of Bulgaria. The southwest folds of the majestic Pirin are a great background for the ancient style houses. The transient Mediterranean climate augments the attracting power of all advantages bundled in such a small place. Melnik is 22 kilometers away from Sandanski, the nearest town. The Melnik river murmurs its way through the town and emits freshness. 

    When it is time to tour the sights nearby, the Rozhen monastery is one of the musts. It is easily reachable by taking a shortcut, so enjoyment of walking is followed by the pleasure of visiting the holy place. The path passes by the natural phenomenon, the Melnik Pyramids, considered one of its symbols. The pyramids are about 100 meters high and in places are almost vertical.