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Day Tours from Plovdiv

As with all of my tours, you’ll always be free to pick and choose the attractions that most appeal to you. So when you contact me for a Plovdiv day excursion – or even a longer tour of Plovdiv – I’ll simply provide you with a list of sites to choose from! Together we’ll be able to craft the perfect tour for you and your group.

Why to choose me as your private tour guide from Plovdiv?

Offering competitive rates and discounts
I’m official, accredited, private tour guide
Flexible itineraries, built around you
I can show you the local insights that most people miss!
I’m always willing to go the extra mile to make your tour a success

Take a look at the list below – showcasing a few of the most popular options for a day trip from Plovdiv.

From Plovdiv to Sofia

Visit Sofia, Boyana Church and the National Historical Museum

The list of reasons why it is rewarding to visit the Bulgarian capital Sofia can be continued with its fascinating central part, appealing with architectural features and welcoming with historical sights, rich history and[…]


From Plovdiv to Asens Fortres

Asen’s Fortress and the Marvelous Bridges

This great day tour from Plovdiv will take you to the most interesting and lasted longest monument in Asenovgrad renaming in honor of Tsar Ivan Asen II. Our next stop will be the “Marvelous Bridges” are unique rock formation located in the Middle Rhodope mountain, near Plovdiv.[…]


From Plovdiv tu Buzludzha

Buzludza monument

Buzludza monument is one of the most famous abandoned communistic monuments in the world. During this day tour from Plovdiv we will not only see the monument from outside, but go inside the creepy building and enjoy the communistic style interior.[…]


Veliko Tarnovo to Russian Chrch and Shipka

Veliko Tarnovo, Russian church and Shipka

This day tour from Plovdiv to Veliko Turnovo will bring you to the symbol of Bulgarian history. It is replete with historical buildings of old periods. It boasts a range of museums and churches, but history pervades each tiny spot of space in its old quarters.[…]


Visit the Valley of the Roses and the Thracian Kings

Explore the Valley of the Roses and the Thracian Kings

During this day trip from Plovdiv to Kazanlak and the Revival village of Koprivshtitsa you will become part of the local life in central Bulgaria and its most interesting sights – teh Rose fiels, the Thracian tombs, the Revival architecture and more[…]


Koprivshtica and Kovachevica

Koprivshtitsa and Starosel

This daily tour from Plovdiv is great short break for those of you who want to get closer to the Bulgarian culture and the magnificent mountain towns, located in the Southern Bulgaria. Enjoy the peace, quiet and comfort of the Bulgarian villages and discover the fresh air with the scent of pine and resin, virgin nature.[…]


The Abandoned Bulgaria Day Tour

The Abandoned Bulgaria Day Tour

This tour is for adventurers who want to explore the history on a different way. During this day tour from Sofia you will be able to explore the most amazing abandoned places in Bulgaria as Buzludzha monument, abandoned factories, schools and more. Do not be afraid, we will help you to get the most amazing photos. […]


Day Tour to Skopje, Macedonia

Day Tour to Skopje, Macedonia

Know more about the Balkan history with this day tour to Skopje in Macedonia. There you will find a lot of interesting landmarks as the mother Teresa memorial house, the biggest monument on Balkans and the old Turkish quarter. Do not miss your change to visit Skopje also because[…]


Day Tour to Nis, Serbia

Day Tour to Nis, Serbia

If you want to become more familiar with the life in the Balkans, visit the most interesting city in South Serbia – Nis. During the tour you will visit different landmarks, from Nis fortress and the birth place of Constantine the Great to the “Red Cross” – concentration camp from the World War II […]


More Information about Plovdiv

Plovdiv is not just the venue for the International Trade Fair organized yearly. It is among the country’s largest cities, a place of cultural significance, with an international theater festival, a television festival, and a plethora of concerts and performances.

Bulgaria’s river with the greatest abundance of water, the Maritsa, serves as a natural divide which splits the city into two. In the distance are seen the hills of the Balkan Range, and farther south the Rhodope mountains offer coolness and freshness in summer and a profusion of snow in winter.

The number of antique sights provides occasions for learning about the area’s history, and tourists cannot fail to visit the antique amphitheater, or marvel at the Roman stadium. 

The climate of the Plovdiv area is typical for the central southern parts of Europe, with a clement annual temperature averaging 12.3 degrees Centigrade, slight winds and white snow covering in winter. The city is located in the middle of the country and there are a lot of day trips from Plovdiv running every day. 

During a day trip from Plovdiv you can visit some of the most famous landmarks in Bulgaria as the capital Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo or the Valley of the Roses and the Thracian Kings and the city of Kazanlak. Tour from Plovdiv to Nessebar are also organized as the new highway gives the opportunity to reach the Bulgarian sea coast for less than 3 hours.

If you want to go on a day tour from Plovdiv but don’t want to spend most of the time in the car you can check the day trips from Plovdiv which include less driving: Day tour to Rhodope mountain. (The Marvelous bridges, Bachkovo monastery and Asen’s fortress); Day trip Plovdiv – Sofia, Day trip Plovdiv – Kazanlak; Day tour from Plovdiv to Veliko Tarnovo.

Day Tours from Pamporovo

Vacations in Pamporovo, a great mountain resort, in the Rhodope mountain, are filled with experiences in any season. Winter sports in spellbinding the crisp white environment of Pamporovo are practiced widely, owing to the thick snow cover in winter. In summer, the verdure of the trees and the grandeur of the Snezhanka peak over the resort are equally beautiful. Just walking around, actively engaging in sports in winter or in summer, climbing the peak, sampling local culinary specialties can be just some of the numerous pastimes during stays in Pamporovo.

Smolyan and Chepelare are two towns nearby, linked by public transport. Smolyan has a host of museums, churches, and is the very place to sample unique local gourmet specialties. It is a must to try patatnik, a dish made with potatoes, as well as katmi, which are scrumptious pancakes. Baked beans in a pot is among the most preferred dishes.

We organize day tours from Pamporovo to Plovdiv, the Rhodope mountain or Sofia. Also you can explore Kazanlak and the Rose Valley or Veliko Tarnovo or go on a wine tour from Pamporovo. Just let us know where do you want to go and we will organize the perfect Pamporovo day trip for you and your family. 


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