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#1 Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Bosnia: 14 Days Private Tour

Duration: 14 days, 13 nights
Starting Point: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Finish Point: Sarajevo, Bosnia
Countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Number of cities: 15

Check full itinerary:


→ Welcome you at Zagreb International Airport (LJU)
→ Transfer to your hotel in Ljubljana city centre (30 – 40 min)
→ Free time to relax after a long flight. Overnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


→ Transfer to Lake Bled, Slovenia (3.5 hours)
Free time for lunch, boat ride or walk around the beautiful natural landmark
→ Transfer to Ljubljana, Slovenia (40 min)
→ City tour of Ljubljana after breakfast (1.5-2 hours walking)
Visit the iconic Dragon Bridge, Tromostovje, Preseren Square, Franciscan Church of the Annunciation, Robba Fountain, and Bucher Bridge. Explore the lively town market.

Overnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia


→ Transfer to Postojna area in Slovenia (1 hour)
Visit Postojna Cave (The biggest tourist cave in Europe) and Predjama Castle (an unique medieval castle).
→ Transfer back to Ljubljana, Slovenia
→ Free time for dinner

Overnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia


→ Transfer to Zagreb (2 hours)
→ City tour of Zagreb in the morning (2 hours)
Admire the impressive Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church, Dolac Market, Lenucijeva Potkova, and Ban Josip Jelačić Square
→ Free time in Zagreb, Croatia

Overnight in Zagreb, Croatia


→ Transfer to Plitvice Lakes area (2 hours)
→ Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park
Enjoy a symphony of waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and lush greenery as you explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hike along a network of boardwalks that allow you to traverse the park’s unique terrain without disturbing the fragile ecosystems
→ Free time in the Plitvice Lakes area to relax after the walk

Overnight in the Plitvice Lakes area


→ Transfer to Opatija (2.5-3 hours)
→ Free time for lunch and explore Opatija old town
→ Transfer to Pula, Croatia, after breakfast (1.5 hours)
→ City tour of Pula (1-1.5 hours)
Visit the Arch of the Sergii, Pula Arena, a well-preserved ancient Roman amphitheatre and a remarkable historical landmark constructed in the 1st century AD; Pula Citadel, located on the highest point of the old town
→ Free time for dinner

Overnight in Pula, Croatia


→ Transfer to Zadar, Croatia (3.5 hours )
→ City tour of Zadar Old Town.
Visit the Church of St. Donatus and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, ancient architectural gems that stand as a testament to Zadar’s historical legacy. Spend time at the unique Sea Organ, where the waves create harmonious melodies, providing a one-of-a-kind auditory experience by the water. Have free time at the main square, Narodni Trg, where the vibrant atmosphere and charming surroundings encapsulate the heart of Zadar’s lively spirit.
→ Free time in the afternoon

Overnight in Zadar, Croatia


→ Transfer to Split (2 hours)
→ City tour of Split Old Town (2-3 hours) in the morning
Visit the Diocletian’s Palace, the Cathedral of St. Domnius, a venerable building from the 4th century AD that exudes ancient charm. Stroll along the vibrant Riva, the central heart of Split, and experience the city’s dynamic atmosphere. Discover the ancient Temple of Jupiter, a testament to Split’s rich history, whose origins date back to the 3rd century AD. Cross the enchanting “Let Me Pass” street and immerse yourself in its unique flair. Marvel at the Golden Gate, a Roman stone gate from the 4th century, decorated with arches and ornate statues, which marks the grand entrance to Diocletian’s Palace.
→ Free time to explore Split Old Town in the afternoon

Overnight in Split, Croatia


→ Transfer to Dubrovnik, Croatia (3 hours )
→ City tour of Dubrovnik old town (1.5 – 2 hours walking)
Stroll through the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik’s old town, where centuries of history come to life. Follow the ancient city walls, an impressive testimony to Dubrovnik’s resilience over the centuries. Admire the Renaissance architecture of Dubrovnik’s Church of the Holy Savior, a 16th-century marvel that is a beacon of artistic elegance. Enter the sacred ambience of Dubrovnik Cathedral, an 18th-century Baroque masterpiece that reflects the city’s religious heritage. Pause at the Onofrije Fountain, the Clock Tower, the Sponza Palace, and the Rector’s Palace tell a unique story from Dubrovnik’s rich past. Climb up to Fort Saint John for a panoramic view.

→ Free time to explore the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia for dinner

Overnight in Dubrovnik, Croatia


→ Transfer to Perast, Montenegro (2 hours + border)
→ Take a boat to visit the “Our Lady of the Rock”(Gospa od Škrpjela), a unique and enchanting site in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.
→ Transfer to Kotor, Montenegro (30 min)
→ Guided tour of Kotor Old Town (1 hour)
Discover the timeless charm of Kotor’s Old Town, stroll through the cobbled streets and absorb the rich history that lies in every corner. Trace the ancient city walls that have stood for centuries, offering panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and surrounding landscapes. Explore the venerable St. Tryphon Cathedral, a masterpiece of medieval architecture, and the Church of St. Nicholas, a testament to Kotor’s religious heritage. Stroll through the Piazza des Arms, surrounded by architectural gems such as the Church of St. Luke, the Gurdic Gate and the imposing Clock Tower. Admire the splendour of the historic residences, including Grubonja Palace, Karampana Fountain, Drago Palace, Pima Palace, Beskuca Palace, Grgurina Palace, Bizanti Palace and the Royal Prince’s Palace.
→ Free time in Kotor
→ Transfer to Budva, Montenegro (40 min)
→ Free time in Budva for dinner

Overnight in Budva, Montenegro


This day gives opportunity for different activities in Montenegro
Hiking to a viewpoint in Kotor, relaxing on the beach in Budva, or having a short walk around the Sveti Stefan island.

Overnight in Budva, Montenegro


→ Transfer to Blagaj, Bosnia (4 hours + border)
Visit the Blagaj Tekija (Dervish Monastery from 16th-century Dervish built into the cliffs next to the Buna River; Buna Spring, a karst spring with crystal-clear water and the surrounding natural beauty located beneath the cliffs near the Tekija.
→ Transfer to Mostar Old Town (40-30 min) after lunch
→ City tour in Mostar (1 hours)
Visit the Stari Most (Mostar Bridge), which stood for 427 years until its destruction in 1993 during the Croatian–Bombosniak war. Stroll through the charming old Turkish bazaar known as “Kujundziluk”,” where cobbled streets and lively stalls invite you to experience the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Visit the “Koskin Mehmed Pasha” Mosque, a small architectural gem from the 17th century.
→ Transfer to Sarajevo, Bosnia (2 hours)
→ Free time in Sarajevo for dinner

Overnight in Sarajevo, Bosnia


→ Tour of Sarajevo surroundings by car.
Visit the “Tunnel of Hope” to help you understand the tunnel’s crucial role for the city and its inhabitants during one of the most difficult times in Sarajevo’s history. Visit the abandoned bobsleigh track (built in 1984 for the Winter Olympics in the former Yugoslavia. The country opened its doors to the international community to celebrate the sport; after the breakup of Yugoslavia, the bobsleigh track was used as a base for artillery during the long siege of Sarajevo);
→ Walking city tour of Sarajevo (2-3 hours)
Explore the bustling Bascarsija, Sarajevo’s historic Turkish market, where centuries-old traditions come to life in the winding alleyways and vibrant market stalls. Admire the impressive Gazi-Husrev-beg Mosque, an exquisite example of 16th-century Ottoman architecture with great spiritual significance. Cross the famous Latin Bridge, also known as the Assassination Bridge, an Ottoman-era stone structure near the site of the fateful assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the 19th century
→ Free time in the late afternoon for relaxation and packing

Overnight in Sarajevo, Bosnia


→ Transfer to Sarajevo Airport (SJJ)

======== end 14-day tour ======

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