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You could spend forever trying to discover all the secret treasures and hidden gems of the Bulgarian capital. But in one day, We can certainly give you a Sofia city tour that you’re unlikely to forget in a hurry! Our Sofia city tour is guaranteed to leave you in love with this colorful, quirky capital.

You can also visit other famous Bulgarian sights outside of Sofia as a day tour. For more information see the list of all day tours from Sofia HERE.

We’ll be able to show you the best-kept secrets of the city – the bars, cafes, restaurants and parks that tourists usually miss – as well as filling the day with background information, history and local perspectives. What we offer is more than just a Sofia walking tour… it’s the full Sofia sightseeing experience.

Why should you choose our team for tour city tour in Sofia:

All Sofia city tours are private
Flexible and personalized
Get closer to the local life in Sofia
Pick up at your hotel

Talk to us now to start planning your own sightseeing tours in Sofia, Bulgaria. Tell us what interests you, what you want to see and do, and we’ll present you with all the options! From there we’ll be able to start working out how to plan the perfect full day tour in Sofia or Sofia walking tour for you and your group.

And if you need any help, take a look at the list below – showcasing a few of the most popular options for a walking tour in Sofia.

Sofia is a city where history is layered, one age built upon another… which means that your tour in Sofia can take whichever direction you like. You could check out the vibrant contemporary arts scene, or immerse yourself in ancient churches and the stone walls of the old Roman settlement, Serdica. You could enjoy the sights and sounds of Bulgaria under the tsars, or explore the brutalist relics of the former communist regime. With so much to choose from, no two Sofia tours will ever be the same!

During one of the Sofia city tours bellow you will be able to get closer to the local life of Bulgarians. To visit some neighborhoods and hidden places which are unknown for tourist. Usually, we use cars as a transportation during our city Sofia tours, but if you want we can include a ride with the public transportation in the Bulgarian capital. Just let me know if you have any specific requirements and I will build the program around them.

Sofia City Tour (2-3 Hours)

The city tour of Sofia is great opportunity for getting acquainted with the Bulgarian capital and its local life. It includes visiting the most famous highlights of the city as the National Art Gallery, the most important museums,  the cathedral st. Alexander Nevsky, The mosque, The parlament, the old ruines of Serdika, the mineral springs a patchwork of attractive features worth touring.[…]



Sofia City Tour (5-6 Hours)

The route during this Sofia city tour including all the highlights listed in the regular city tour of Sofia above plus few more. During this tour you can visit also the Boyana church, the National palace of culture, some of the city markets, shoping streets, parks or bars.[…]


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More Information about Sofia, Bulgaria

Ranking as the 15th largest city in the European Union, Sofia welcomes not just as the capital, but also as a center replete with sites to visit where the country’s history and culture are shown off. Its location amid mountains is a great advantage for avid mountaineers, who can go to Vitosha, Lyulin, and the Balkan Range. In the center, as well as in several other areas like Knyazhevo and Gorna Banya, there are mineral springs. The mineral baths in the central area were constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, where old Turkish baths previously stood. The statue showing the city’s patron Saint Sophia rises in the central part. There, too, tourists and citizens can see remains of Roman time buildings and structures.

To move around for a Sofia city tour in the fastest way and see the sights and monuments in Sofia, people can use the underground, which has been functioning since 1998.

What will See During the Sofia City Tour

There are over 200 Orthodox churches and chapels, some of them built in ancient times, the 4th century. The largest one is the Saint Alexander Nevski memorial church. The Synagogue in Sofia is among the largest and most exquisite synagogues in Europe. Another sight you will see during the Sofia city tour is the mosque, comprising a bath using the warm mineral spring nearby.

One of the most interesting landmarks you will see during the walking Sofia city tour is the Saint George rotunda lies between the Sheraton hotel and the Presidential complex, and was constructed in the time of Constantine the Great.

The Sveta Nedelya church is a medieval building, destroyed several times but afterwards reconstructed, and the murals date from the period 1971-1973. The Saint Sophia church was built on the site where several older churches stood in different periods but were destroyed by Goth and Hun invaders. In the 2nd century, there was a Roman theater as the earliest known building, where now Saint Sophia rises. The Boyana church is located out of the Sofia city center and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Constructed in the Middle Ages, in the Boyana area, at the foot of Vitosha, it first served as a chapel for the local ruler.

Among the monuments which you will see during the city tour Sofia the Tsar Liberator, on horseback, is universally known and impresses with its imposing grandeur. It commemorates the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 and the gratitude of Bulgarian people towards the Russian tsar Alexander II. The Bulgarian parliament is just opposite.

Another highlight in Sofia which you will be able to visit during the Sofia city tour is the monument Vasil Levski, a bronze structure with a bas relief of Levski’s portrait. Inaugurated in 1895, it was built in the course of 17 years, because the plans changed frequently, even including a bronze statue. The National Palace of Culture hosts a plethora of cultural events. The most famous bridges are Lavov (or Lion’s Bridge, because there are lion figures guarding it on both sides) and Orlov (Eagle’s Bridge, with eagle figures on top of columns).