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Hi there, I’m Adriana – a licensed and accredited tour guide and tour designer from Bulgaria.

For five years now I have specialized in designing and managing tours, both around my own homeland and throughout other countries in the Balkans. If you’re looking for a Bulgaria private tour guide able to combine knowledge, experience, local insight and a barrel-load of fun along the way… then you came to the right place! 

I graduated in Tourism Management and by combining my professional training with my own passion for this part of the world, I’m able to offer my guests tours that are both reliable and filled with genuine excitement. At the moment I am manager of “Olyushka EOOD” – tour operator and travel agency registered in 2005 under number 334 in the National Register of Registered Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Bulgaria.

As a travel professional I can tell you everything you want to know about Bulgaria – its folklore and traditions, its culture, history and legends – and on my private tours in Bulgaria I’ll be happy to customize an itinerary to perfectly serve the interests of your group. 

Private Guide Bulgaira

Meet my team!

All the tour are designed by me. I’m taking care of everything during the planning  and before you confirm your final itinerary. Usually, I lead all the tours by myself, but sometimes I involve other people to help me with driving or guiding. I work with professional mountain guides, photographers, drivers, pilgrim tour leaders, ski and snowboard teachers who lead the specialized tours.

All of them are positive young professionals with huge smiles and never-dying flair for adventures. Actually, I enjoy working with all of them, because they do what they love and love what the do and wouldn’t replace it for anything else in the world. Meet my team!


Licensed Tour Guide | Professional Photographer
Leads groups in English and German

Nadya is the photographer in the Private Guide Bulgaria team. She currently freelances for several national publications and furthering her education in the art of Photography. Nadya is an adventurer, having traveled all around Bulgaria, parts of Asia, Africa, and whole Europe. However, her passion for Bulgaria has always led her back home. As a photographer, she appreciates the importance of capturing the beautiful moments that unfold at sound of a picture taken…and having loads of fun while doing it!


Licenced Tour Guide  
Leads groups in English

Кiril is a professional tour guide with a lot of experience in cultural, eco and wildlife tourism. He guidеs groups since the end of the world (2012) :) all over Bulgaria and the Balkans. But his experience in tourism and traveling starts way before that. He is been working as a lifeguard in the US and in the biggest themed water park in Europe in Cyprus. With profound of knowledge and many different skills, Kiril will introduce the beauty of Bulgaria and the Balkans to you in the way they are suppose to be shown, authentic and unadulterated.

Nadia K.

Archaeologist | UIMLA certified mountain leader | Tour Guide
Leads groups in English

For two years Nadya is working as a professional mountain leader and explorer of National Geographic Channel. Her education is an archaeologist and she has been working on archaeological excavations for 9 years. Her explorations include sites all over Bulgaria, caves, peaks, sea coasts, etc. She leads Bulgarian and foreign trekking groups in the Bulgarian high mountains during the summer and winter, with snowshoes and crampons. Also in cultural and natural places – archaeological and historical sites, waterfalls, rocks and caves. Nadia spends her time mostly in the high mountains – Rila, Pirin, Rhodopes. She has climbed Mont Blanc in the French Alps and Vignemale in the Pyrenees. She spends a lot of time rock climbing or digging in excavations, climbing at sites in Bulgaria and France and caving. 


Tour guide | Adventure Tour Leader
Leads groups in English

Hristo has a lot of experience in guiding groups all over Bulgaria. Since the year of 2010 he is a member of the Couchsurfing platform, where he hosted and organized tours for Bulgaria and Portugal to more than 300 people from all over the world. His passion to travel the world has been only increasing trough the years as his love of Bulgaria. He has traveled most of Europe countries, parts of Asia, and his North America trip
got him all the way to Alaska. Despite his adventures, Bulgaria is just pulling him back and now he specialized in hiking, natural landmarks, historical and cultural places and not last – extreme sports.


Tour guide | Professional Photographer
Leads groups in English

Diana is a photographer, a historian and a person, who love nature and adventure. She is a passionate cyclist as well.
She knows Bulgaria very well, both the history and geography. Her passion are the small villages with saved culture and little known places with pure nature. Her knowledge about Bulgarian history and original culture are deep and it’s make every trip more interesting and colorful.
As a photographer she’s working on a project “Monuments of socialism” and collect photos, memories and personal stories of memorial’s builders.
Bulgaria is a place, full of history and Diana knows it, and will tells everything you want to know about.


Tour leader | Food and drink expert
Leads groups in English and Russian

Yuri is Russian expat who already lives in Bulgaria for 18 years. Since then he is in love with the Bulgarian and Balkan culture, nature and of course food. Actually, he is the biggest food lover in our team. He can take you and your group to the most hidden small restaurants with amazing local cuisine.
Живу в Болгарии уже 18 лет – я считаю, что Болгария – прекрасная страна, и люблю рассказывать о ней показывать ее нашим гостям!


Team building and event specialist
Leads groups in English

Radina has over 3 years of event organizing and coordination experience, as well as team building activities for groups with more than 400 people. She has experience as an event assistant in Alaska, USA, which gave her the opportunity afterwards to travel all over USA – Hawaii, NY, LA, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, etc. Her passion for travelling and meeting new people is what inspires her to organize team building activities – for family or friends groups, companies and coworkers. “Tour guides and teambuilding programs can be interesting and extremely exciting. See for yourself”.


Licensed Tour Guide
Leads groups in French

Je suis guide touristique depuis 7 ans en gardant la passion et la curiosité de l’histoire, des monuments et des sites. Chaque endroit me découvre sa magie que j’essaie de transmettre à mes invités francophones. Ma destination coup de coeur en Bulgarie est Stara Zagora et le musée de la bière. Ce que j’aime par dessus tout à Sofia est la vue de haut sur l’Ancien palais royal et l’entrée de la ville antique Serdika au coeur de la capitale.


Licenced Tour Guide  
Leads groups in Sanish

For Camilo Bulgaria is a passion, ‘Another door to the Paradise!’ as he always like to say. He is originally from Cuba, but have chosen Bulgaria to spend most of his life. Before more than 10 year he became a tour guide and since then he share the Bulgarian beauty with Spanish speaking travelrs from all over the world. For him Bulgaria is a very secure country, with friendly people, beautiful women, great beer’s and excellent wine. 

Why Choose Me as Your Private Tour Guide?

When I organize a tour, I put everything I’ve got into it. No matter whether you’re travelling individually, as a group, with friends, family or even with workmates – I’ll work closely with you to ascertain preferences and interests, ability levels and time limits, to create the most fantastic, memorable tour experience I can. I’ll give you options, then let you make the choices. I’ll tell you about the places you can see, and then guide you to wherever you want to go. I enjoy my work as a private tour guide, and as a result people enjoy travelling with me. Get in touch, and see for yourself!

What services I Offer?

The service I offer as a Bulgaria and Balkans tour guide includes absolutely everything… from planning destinations through to dealing with your basic, day-to-day comforts. I’ll organise everything in advance, hand picking the best hotels, the most exciting day trips, the local secrets and hidden gems that you’d almost certainly miss when travelling on your own!

Better still, when you choose me as your private tour guide in Bulgaria I’ll invite you to help out with the planning. I’ll always provide you with a range of options, in order to find the best balance, and the perfect selection of activities to suit your group. I’m happy working within your budget, and between us we’ll craft a unique and memorable trip that ticks every single one of your boxes”.

Why Did I Start Running Tours?

I believe that travel is powerful. It’s the best experience you can have, fun, educational and inspirational all at once. Creating and designing tours is a real specialty of mine, one I’ve had years to develop, and I always enjoy sharing the wonder, the mystery and the magic of travel with other people. That’s why I started running tours… it’s why I became a private tour guide for Bulgaria. I hope I’ll be able to share that same love of travel with you some day!

Why Bulgaria? Why the Balkans?

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m simply in love with this part of the world. I love its rich cultures, its diverse traditions, the friendly, welcoming people… the delicious food and wine. I know the Balkans like the back of my hand, and I know my home – Bulgaria – even better! From the rugged mountain peaks to the cool blue waters of the Adriatic and Black Seas – there’s nothing I enjoy more than showing off these beautiful places on my tours.

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