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Private Guide Bulgaria is part of Lemon Tours LTD, a reputable travel agency and tour operator that has been organizing Balkan tours since 2012. Private Guide Bulgaria specializes in providing personalized group and private tours across the Balkan region. The agency holds a valid license, ensuring the safety and reliability of its services. With a reputation as a trusted Destination Management Company (DMC), Private Guide Bulgaria has successfully served thousands of satisfied clients, offering memorable and enjoyable travel experiences in the beautiful Balkan region.


VAT: BG207426823
Address: 18 Tsani Ginchev str. 9002 Varna, Bulgaria
License: №: РК-01-8375 Insurance № 03700100004752
Manager: Adriana Vasilkova
Phone: +359887070037
Email: tours@privateguidebulgaria.com

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Adriana Vassilkova – Balkan Specialist | Founder and CEO

Hi there, I’m Adriana – a licensed and accredited tour guide and tour designer from Bulgaria.

For 12 years now, I have specialized in designing and managing tours around my homeland and other countries in the Balkans. If you’re looking for a Bulgarian private tour guide who is able to combine knowledge, experience, local insight and a barrel-load of fun along the way… you have come to the right place! 

I have a degree in Tourism Management and by combining my professional training with my passion for the Balkans, I can offer my guests tours that are reliable and filled with genuine excitement. I am the CEO of “Lemon Tours LTD” – a tour operator and travel agency registered in the National Register of Registered Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Bulgaria. So far, I have found and developed several travel agencies and websites for tourism across the Balkans, including Balkan Tales.

As a Balkan travel professional, I know much about Bulgaria and the Balkan countries – their folklore, traditions, culture, history, and legends. However, all I truly know is that I know nothing – therefore, I am fully dependent on my team of professional guides and local experts, who will let you in on all the secrets of the region. You can learn more about who they are below:

Which countries do we cover?


Meet my team!

All the tours that we offer are designed personally by me. I’m the one handling everything during the planning phase and before the confirmation of your final itinerary. Usually, I lead all the tours by myself, but sometimes, I involve other people to help me drive or guide. I work with professional mountain guides, photographers, drivers, pilgrim tour leaders, and ski and snowboard teachers who lead the specialized tours. All of them are positive young professionals with huge smiles and a never-dying flair for adventures. Actually, I enjoy working with all of them because they do what they love and love what they do and wouldn’t replace it with anything else in the world. Meet my team!


Balkan Tour Designer
Customer Service
Learn more about Hristo

Hristo has a lot of experience in guiding groups all over Bulgaria. Since 2010, he has been a member of the Couchsurfing platform, where he hosted and organized tours for Bulgaria and Portugal to more than 300 people from all over the world. His passion for travelling the world has only increased through the years, as has his love of Bulgaria. He has travelled most of Europe, countries, and parts of Asia, and his North American trip got him all the way to Alaska. Despite his adventures, Bulgaria is just pulling him back and now he specialises in hiking, natural landmarks, historical and cultural places and extreme sports.


Licensed Tour Guide | Driver
Leads groups in English

Kiril is a professional tour guide with much experience in cultural, eco and wildlife tourism. He guides groups all over Bulgaria and the Balkans since the end of the world (2012). But his experience in tourism and travelling starts way before that. With profound knowledge and many different skills, Kiril will introduce the beauty of Bulgaria and the Balkans to you how they are supposed to be shown –  authentic and unadulterated. His sense of humour and magnetic spirit will turn your Balkan trip into an adventure filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. 


Licensed Tour Guide | Driver
Lead Sightseeing and Rural Tours in Bulgaria

Marina has been a licensed tour guide in Bulgaria for more than eight years. She has changed her life and moved from the capital, Sofia, to a small village where she can feel nature and animals and have deep experience of the Bulgarian traditions. She loves to show this simple but real side of Bulgaria, which gives travellers the natural feel of the Balkan lifestyle. Also, you can count on her to show you the traditional music and dances. We organize special lunches by Marina, during which you will learn how to prepare traditional Bulgarian food correctly – and eat it too! 


Licensed Tour Guide | Driver
Lead Tours in Bulgaria
Learn more about Simeon

Simeon has vast experience as a tour guide of Bulgaria since 2012. He started as a museum tour guide in the Valley of Roses and Thracian kings, then as a local guide in central Bulgaria, until he started tours all around the country. His historical degree and travel passion met his favourite job -tour guiding. Simeon loves hiking, camping, and also food and drink tours. Because of his job as a bartender, he can offer some tips and places to go. Also, we can go from deep cultural and historical conversations to how to make the perfect Negroni!


Driver Guide | Albania Travel Specialist
Balkan tour leader and guide

Julian is our Albanian Travel Specialist. With a license as an Albanian tour guide and years of valuable experience, Julian has been a reliable leader for diverse groups exploring the beauty of the Balkans. His extensive knowledge and passion for the region ensure an enriching and memorable travel experience for visitors from across the globe.


Driver Guide | North Macedonia Travel Specialist
Balkan tour leader and guide

Nikola is a licensed tour guide from North Macedonia with in-depth knowledge of the Balkan region. He leads private and group tours around the Balkan area, focusing on the rich cultural tapestry, historical landmarks, and natural beauty. His passion for the Balkans can easily be felt through the excitement he creates in his tourists. 


Licensed Tour Guide | Driver
Lead Sightseeing, Hike and Bike Tours in Serbia

Nemanja is a passionate and enthusiastic licensed tour guide in Serbia, specialising in hike and bike tours, with vast experience in all spheres of Tourism all across the Balkan. If you are into biking your way across the Balkans – he is your guy! 


Driver Guide | Romania Travel Specialist
Balkan tour leader and guide

Adrian is a Romanian licensed tour guide and tour leader who organizes and leads private tours and transfers throughout Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia. He is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and always ready to provide outstanding service to all our guests.


Driver Guide | Slovenia Travel Specialist
West Balkans tour leader and guide

Janez is a Slovenian licensed guide that handles hundreds of people per week in all top Slovenian touring destinations. Full buses of various nations, driver guiding in the rough Alpine terrain, bike tours in the capital around the monuments and guiding demanding VIP guests with all of the top services in tourism. He has been independent, reliable, honest and friendly with everyone. Besides being a trusted local guide in Slovenia, he specializes in guiding Austria, Croatia, Italy, and Hungary. His best value is making a client feel welcome.



Licensed Guide in Dubrovnik
Lead Walking Tours of Dubrovnik Old Town

Paolo is a Croatian licensed tour guide located in Dubrovnik. No trip to Croatia is complete without a visit to Dubrovnik and he will be pleased to share his corner of the world with you and your group. His in-depth knowledge of the region and his neverending love for his homeland makes him your perfect trip buddy. He is positive towards his tourists and always adopts a client-oriented approach on his tours. Paolo will be the first to spill out all the secrets of Croatia and what is worth visiting in the entire region. 

Pack Your Bags!

If you are looking for private guide, driver or a trusted DMC around the Balkan countries, drop us a text and we will do our best to create the best itinerary for you and your group.

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Why Did We Start Running Tours?

We believe that travel is powerful. It’s the best experience you can have, fun, educational and inspirational all at once. We always enjoy sharing the wonder, the mystery and the magic of travel with other people. That’s why we started running tours… That’s why we became private tour guides in Bulgaria and the Balkans. We hope we’ll be able to share that same love of travel with you someday!

What Services We Offer?

As Bulgaria and Balkans travel specialists, our service includes everything… from planning destinations to dealing with your basic, day-to-day comforts. We’ll organize everything in advance, hand-picking the best hotels, the most exciting day trips, and the local secrets and hidden gems you’ll almost certainly miss when travelling alone!

Better still, when you choose us for your private Balkan tour, we’ll invite you to help with the planning. We’ll always provide various options to find the best balance and the perfect selection of activities to suit your group. We’re also happy to work within your budget, and between us, we’ll craft a unique and memorable trip that ticks every single one of your boxes.

Why Bulgaria? Why the Balkans?

We’ve got a confession: We’re simply in love with this part of the world. We love its rich cultures, its diverse traditions, the friendly, welcoming people… the delicious food and wine. We know the Balkans because they are our home. From the rugged mountain peaks to the cool blue waters of the Adriatic and Black Seas, we enjoy nothing more than showing off these beautiful places to our clients.

Why Choose Us For Your Private Tour?

When we organize a tour, we put everything into it. Whether you’re travelling individually, as a group, with friends, family or even with workmates – we’ll work closely with you to ascertain preferences and interests, ability levels and time limits to create the most fantastic, memorable tour experience we can. We’ll give you options and then let you make the choices.

We’ll tell you about the places you can see and then guide you wherever you want. We enjoy our work as private tour guides and travel specialists, so people enjoy travelling with us. Get in touch, and see for yourself! We will be by your side throughout the whole process of creating your dream journey!