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Custom Private Tours Around Bulgaria

Maybe you’re travelling through on a round-the-world trip. Or perhaps you’ve just got a few days off at the end of your business conference! No matter what it was that brought you to Bulgaria, make the most of this fantastic opportunity – with a custom-designed private tour of Bulgaria led by a friendly, experienced and fully licensed local tour guides.

Why should book a custom tour around Bulgaria?

  • All tours are private!
  • Licensed tour Guide
  • Fair prices
  • Flexible itineraries
  • Pick up and drop off at your location

Join us on a private tour around Bulgaria! We’ll arrange the best hotels, show you the finest restaurants in town, help you to find all those hidden gems that most visitors miss… and all the while, we’ll be careful to work within whatever budget you want to set. We can arrange a private Bulgaria round tour, or drop you off in a different city altogether!

All of our private tours are fully customized, and built around you. They run all year round, and can range from a single day trip up to a full fortnight away! 

With years of experience behind our team as well as professional accreditation as an official Bulgaria tour guides, we’ll be able to design you the perfect private tour around Bulgaria. As locals we know thousands of beautiful hidden places located in the cities, small villages, along the coast and high in the mountains. Just let us know when and where your flights will take you, and we’ll be happy to plan every stage of the private tour at your convenience.

Here you can find some ideas for private tours around Bulgaria:

Day trips from your location 
Multi-day private tours around Bulgaria
Bulgaria women-only private tours
Visit traditional Bulgarian festival
Adventure custom tours
Bulgaria travel Ideas

Take a look at our example multi-day Bulgaria tour itineraries

Essence of Bulgaria: 48-Hour Adventure
2-Day Bulgaria Tour Itinerary. Visit Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo and the Rose Valley

The Bulgaria Long Weekend Tour
3 DAYS BULGARIA TOUR #1: Rila monastery – Melnik – Plovdiv – The Rose Valley
3 DAYS BULGARIA TOUR #2: Sofia – Veliko Tarnovo – The Rose Valley – Plovdiv

4 Historic Towns in 4 Days
4-day private tour in Bulgaria including Rila monastery, Melnik, Plovdiv, Koprivshtitsa, Kazanlak and Veliko Tarnovo

5 Day Private Bulgaria Tour
5 DAYS BULGARIA TOUR #1: Essential Bulgaria: Unveiling the Best in a 5-Day Adventure
5 DAYS BULGARIA TOUR #2: Bulgaria Tour Including the Black Sea Coast

One Week Bulgaria Exploration
7 DAYS BULGARIA TOUR #1: A Journey through Rich Heritage

10 Day Bulgaria Tour Itinerary – The Complete Tour
Explore Bulgaria in 10 days and dive into the local life and traditions

14 Day Bulgaria Tour Itinerary – The Ultimate Tour
Know Bulgaria in Details – 14 days itinerary

Private Balkan tours including Bulgaria:

28 Days Grand Balkan Tour
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – Nоrth Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia
Complete Balkan Tour: 21 Days around the Balkans
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – Nоrth Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro – Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia

East Balkans Exploration: 21 Day Balkan Tour
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – North Macedonia – Kosovo  – Albania 

Pan-Balkan Discovery: A 16-Day Expedition Across 8 Cultural Treasures
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – Nоrth Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania – Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkan Panorama: A 16-Day Balkan Expedition
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – Nоrth Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania>

A Cultural Journey Across Five Balkan Nations – 14 Days Balkan Tour 
Bosnia – Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – North Macedonia

Timeless Balkans: 14-Day Balkan Tour Exploring Ancient Roots and Modern Charms
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria

Balkan Panorama: A Comprehensive 14-Day Tour of the Balkans
Bosnia – Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria – North Macedonia – Kosovo

Bulgarian and Romanian Tapestry: A 10-Day Adventure
Bulgaria – Romania

Balkan Trio Adventure: A 10-Day Journey in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria

Jewels of the Balkans: A 10-Day Treasure Hunt of History and Nature
Romania – Bulgaria – North Macedonia – Kosovо – Albania

Four Nations Escape: 8 Days of Cultural Discovery
Bulgaria – Macedonia – Kosovo – Albania

A Weeklong Eastern European Tapestry – 8 Day Balkan Tour
Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria

All Balkan tours
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