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The colors, the landscapes, the people… and the food!

Are you looking for an exquisite adventure around the Balkans – an arcane Paradise on Earth? Then pack your bags and grab your passport – Private Guide Bulgaria has got you covered! You can book your individual Balkan tour tailored to your needs and experience the magic of this region.

Joint us on a journey and explore the amazing Balkans, where history whispers through ancient ruins, nature paints landscapes of unparalleled beauty, and culture dances in vibrant city squares. 

Here are some of our example Balkan Tours itineraries:

Authenticity is the core concept behind the Private Balkan Tours, and therefore you can count on experiencing the culture and atmosphere of each country you visit. From the picturesque shores of the Adriatic to the historic streets of Sarajevo, every destination has a story to tell and we make sure you don’t miss a single chapter.

We offer different packages, which you can choose from if you are unfamiliar with the Balkans. Countries like Bosnia and Montenegro are a must-see in the region, as they offer breathtaking nature and countless important historical landmarks and monuments.

The Balkan tours are available for solo travelers, small and big groups during the whole year. We provide full organization of the trip, from planning the itinerary up to the transportation, accommodation booking, and guiding.

With our Private Balkan Tours you have the freedom to:

Adjust the duration. If you like the Balkan itineraries but wish to adjust the duration, simply inform us whether you’d like to extend or shorten your travel days, and we will modify the program accordingly.

Modify pick-up and drop-off locations. Our Balkan tour itineraries are designed to be flexible, accommodating various pick-up and drop-off locations to avoid the long travel time on the way back to the starting destination If you prefer to start and end at the same location or have specific preferences, just let us know, and we’ll customize the program accordingly. All private Balkan tours can begin from any location mentioned in the program.

Customize the itinerary based on your preferences. If you like the itinerary, but something you like to visit is missing, feel free to inform us, and we’ll share the best options.

Talk to me now about planning your own exclusive private Balkan tour

We can start and finish at any country, and it’ll be easy to fit a Balkan tour around your flight plans. Keep reading to find out more about the exciting countries I’d like to introduce you to!


You can pick and mix the following countries:

Bulgaria – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania – Serbia – Romania – North Macedonia – Kosovo -Bosnia and Herzegovina – Greece

Alternatively, you could enjoy a local Balkan tour, and get to know one area better – with our Balkans private tour that dives head first into rich history, mind-blowing natural landscapes, and some of the best food on the planet. And no matter where you decide to spend your Balkan vacation, you’re going to find that the local people are warm, friendly, and hospitable… eager to make your stay a memorable one.

Some parts of the Balkans you simply can’t afford to miss. In a 5-day Balkan tour you’ll see all of the vital natural and cultural highlights of this magnificent part of the world:

From the mountain monasteries of Bulgaria to the capital Sofia’s eclectic mix of modern and ancient architecture. Travel Kosovo’s mountain roads between Skopje and Prizren. Boat across Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid.


Select from the following options based on your preferred travel style. This is your Balkan tour, and we aim to tailor the program to suit your preferences.

Immersive Experience: We aim to delve into the details of the Balkans. Travel with a tour leader and local guides is essential.

Balanced Freedom: We desire a mix of structured activities and leisure time. Travel with English-speaking drivers and local guides at select locations.

Independent Exploration: We like to explore locations at our own pace. Travel with an English-speaking driver is our preference.

Customized Journey: We prefer a custom itinerary to travel the Balkans at our own pace with our transportation.

Just fill in your requirements and start planning your dream Balkan journey today.

Why should you get a Balkan private tour with Private Guide Bulgaria?

  • Exclusive private tours
  • Flexible customizable itineraries
  • Transparent and reasonable pricing
  • Accompanied by a licensed local tour guides

With our rich experience as Balkan travel specialists and private Balkan tours designers, we’ll be able to plan the perfect, customized Balkan private tour to suit your interests. We’ll take care of all the organization, and let you pick the destinations that appeal most! You can stay in one country or visit two, three, five… whatever you like.

If you wish to experience the Balkans like never before, book your trip today! Provided you have nothing in mind regarding your trip, you can take advantage of some prepared tours for different time ranges and locations. 

What is the best thing about booking your authentic trip to the Balkans, you ask? Well, the whole Lemon Tours team is extremely passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for each customer. Therefore, you will receive not only a guided tour but also a taste of the culture, customs, cuisine and history of each country you visit. 

The Balkans are a real rough diamond and you will not be disappointed if you embark on such a journey. The countries in this region are quite different from one another, but also share similarities in terms of their history, language and food. 


Here is More info about the countries you can visit during the tour around the Balkans


Bulgaria is a Balkan country featuring a history of over one millennium, and being at the crossroads of major routes led to the establishment of settlements and the building of fortresses in antiquity. Nowadays people can travel on Balkan private tours, visiting the Thracian tombs in Sveshtari and Kazanlak, UNESCO Heritage sites, see remnants of Roman fortresses everywhere in the country, and delight in seven UNESCO World Heritage sites from medieval periods: the Madara Rider, a rock relief, the Boyana Church, nearby Sofia, the Rila Monastery huddled in the Rila Mountain lower folds. I suggest visiting Bulgaria at least for 4 days during your Balkan tour. And I promise that you will fall in love with it!

More about Bulgaria

Two other UNESCO sites, the rock-hewn churches near the village of Ivanovo, in the Rousse region, and the ancient buildings in the old part of Nessebar, a town by the Black Sea, show the skills and strife of people to excel in diverse areas. Bulgaria is a great choice for a private Balkan tour because it boasts a host of nature spots which range from seaside beaches inviting with soft sand and soaked in sunshine, fringed by verdant forests, to majestic mountains which comprise verdure, plenty of water features, lakes, streams, a raft of trails to take to explore the Bulgarian mountains. Pirin is the most visited mountain owing to its stern and rugged beauty, and Rila is the combination of forests, mountain peaks, and lots of streams and lakes – the Seven Rila Lakes locality is world-famous.


Serbia borders Bulgaria, Romania, and several other Balkan countries. It is landlocked, and lies on the major routes in Europe. The state was formed at the beginning of the nineteenth century, following the Serbian revolution. After, a century later, it entered Yugoslavia, a merger of several countries, which later divided into separate countries again. Since 2006 Serbia has been independent.

More about Serbia

The country comprises part of the Balkan Peninsula, the Panonian Plain, and the Wallachian Plain in the easternmost part. The territory is overall hilly, and is traversed by rivers, the Drina and the Ibar.

The wealth of hills and water features create auspicious settings for animal breeding, and bird species are numerous too. Especially, outstanding is the Tara mountain in the west, where bears roam in freedom. Not only the mountains but also Serbia’s spas are attractive to tourists who are coming for private tours around the Balkans. Belgrade is a favorite choice for foreigners during their Balkan tour, on account of magnificent city break opportunities. The mountain resorts that enjoy the most fame are Kopaonik, Zlatibor, and Stara Planina. Among the spas, it suffices to mention Vrnjačka Banja, Banja Koviljača, and Soko Banja. Orthodox monasteries abound, and river cruising on the Danube is another must for tourists to explore during their tour of the Balkans.


North Macedonia has an ancient history dating to the kingdom of Panonia which was a Thracian one. Later Alexander the Great conquered it and it joined his empire. The Romans, too, left their traces on the country which became their province. By the last years of the sixth century the Slavs settled in the Balkan area. Later the Byzantine rule governed the country. The next to rule the territory were the Ottoman Turks.

More about Macedonia

After belonging to Yugoslavia, Macedonia became an independent republic.

Now it appeals to the Vardar river valley and with its mountain ranges framing the valley, the Sar and Osogovo. The principal lakes are large – Ohrid, Prespa, and Dojran, they are shared with Albania and Greece. The mountains also comprise the Osogovo-Belasica and the Dinaric Range. During your private tour of Balkan, it is a must to visit the three national parks, Mavrovo, Galičica, and Pelister. The country has one heritage site under UNESCO, the Ohrid region which is of natural and cultural importance alike. If you want to Visit the Balkans I suggest visiting Ohrid in Macedonia, which is located on the namesake lake and is famed for having 365 churches in the past, i.e. one church for each day in the year. The architecture and monuments, together with the lake, make Ohrid universally appealing. The town of Ohrid is located near the border between Macedonia and Albania, so let’s continue our Balkans private tour there.


Albania borders a few other Balkan countries – Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Greece. Ancient Romans, Ottomans, Italians who invaded it in 1939, and other rulers helped to write the country’s history, until in 1991 the Republic of Albania was formed. It has an outlet on two seas, the Adriatic, and the Ionian. The Otranto Strait links the two seas. The highest mountain, Korab, rises to 2,764 m.

More about Albania

The Mediterranean climate, welcoming with mild winters and caressing with sun-soaked summers, invites together with the country’s landmarks and nature. Among them, Albania boasts the three largest lakes in the Balkans, Shkoder, shared with Montenegro, Ohrid, shared with Macedonia, and Butrinti, in the Butrint National Park.

The beaches along the coast of this Balkan country are both pristine and captivating, replete with coves, lagoons, capes, etc. Rugged mountain beauty is guaranteed in the Albanian Alps. The Tomorr, Theth, Dajti, and Valbona Valley National Parks, the lakes, and the beaches form a palette of spots worth visiting. UNESCO has added two Albanian gems to its list, which you can visit during your Balkans private tour – Berat and Gjirokastër. Berat is called the town having 1,001 windows, as its boasts a plethora of buildings featuring architectural and historical significance. Gjirokastër is a former Ottoman town dating from medieval times.


In the Balkans, Montenegro is becoming increasingly appealing to tourists. It boasts an outlet on the Adriatic Sea, and also a mountainous region. As for its history, it is also rich in memories of glorious Roman times, then the Slavs conquered it, and the country became a principality in the Byzantine Empire in the tenth century. Following a brief Serbian empire period, the area was subdued to Ottoman rule.

More about Montenegro

Following a string of tumultuous periods, Montenegro gained independence thanks to the Berlin Treaty in 1878, was a kingdom, then part of Yugoslavia, and became an independent country in 2006.

If you choose to include Montenegro in your private tour Balkans list the diversity of high peaks, bear the borders with Serbia and Albania, and a coastal plain, the Zeta river valley, etc. promise a plethora of opportunities for great time. The mountain peaks rise to an average of 2,000 meters, e.g. Bobotov Kuk, 2,522 high, in the Durmitor mountains, which are a national park. Zla Kolata is the highest peak in Montenegro and one of the highest in the Balkans, 2,534 m, and among the lakes, the largest is Skadar. Visiting the national parks immerses in nature’s beauty, as people visit Durmitor, Lovcen, Biogradska Gora, etc. UNESCO’s heritage comprises Durmitor, also the canyon of the Tara River, the deepest European and second deepest worldwide, and, too – Kotor city. Kotor, on the Kotor Gulf, boasts fortifications constructed in the Venetian period. The entire region belongs to the UNESCO Nature and Culture Treasure List. Reaching any point in Montenegro is easy from its two international airports, in the capital Podgorica and in Tivat where you can even start with your round Balkan private tour.


Kosovo has existed as an independent state since 2008. It is a landlocked Balkan country, which belonged to Serbia in the medieval period, to the Ottoman Empire, and to Yugoslavia. The country’s terrain is predominantly mountainous. Deravica is the highest peak, at 2.656 m. The country can offer a variety of nature sights for your private Balkan tour – rivers, White Drin, South Moravia, Ibar, and lakes: Gazivoda, Radonjic, Batlava, Badovac.

More about Kosovo

Forests cover approximately one-third of Kosovo. The Sar Mountains are the country’s only national park, with alpine and glacial lakes dotting the area, and the park boasts Brezovica, a welcoming ski resort. Another famed feature in Kosovo is the Nerodimka, Europe’s only river which is divided and its two parts flow into different seas. The proximity of the Balkan Peace Park, by the border between Kosovo and Montenegro, enables enthusiasts to plan more hours and days in the open. The capital, Pristina, is worth visiting, too.


Missing visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina would mean not visiting another essential Balkan area. The capital, Sarajevo, can be the starting point for exploring the country during your Balkan tour; for beachgoers, there is the small Adriatic coastline, where Neum is the city to visit. Like the other Balkan countries, it experienced the impact of different periods in history, starting from Celtic civilizations, Slavic peoples, Ottoman rule, Austro-Hungarian rule, and Yugoslavian belonging following World War II; then, after Yugoslavia dissolved, the country emerged as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More about Bosnia and Herzegovina

The attractiveness of the country for tourists is due to its beautiful nature, cultural heritage, cuisine, and especially winter sports. The capital Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984. The Bosnian Alps offer one of the best conditions for skiing and hiking in the Balkans. White water rafting is a national sport, thanks to the rivers, especially the Tara with its canyon. Međugorje, a religious center, draws Christian pilgrims from far and wide. In Višegrad, the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge is a UNESCO heritage site. Sutjeska National Park comprises ancient forests and draws with the canyon of the Sutjeska river.


Enumerating the Balkan countries featuring strings of places of interest would be incomplete if Croatia was omitted. The Balkan tour can start from its capital Zagreb. Its coast on the Adriatic Sea is characteristic with the numerous islands totaling over 1,000. The country’s history is rich, starting from the seventh century when Croats arrived there.

More about Croatia

Passing through periods of Sovereignty union with Hungary, being constituent of Yugoslavia, etc., nowadays Croatia is a republic, and it is a European Union member.

On the Adriatic coast, Opatija, a health resort, enjoys fame. Nautical tourism thrives along with cultural tourism which comprises touring the medieval cities by the coast. The country boasts 118 beaches flying the Blue Flag. For aficionados of Mediterranean cuisine, in Dalmatia and Istria dishes abound in seafood, vegetables and pasta. Influences of scrumptious Hungarian and Turkish cuisine also attract gourmets. Wine lovers will also be pampered by red wines, in Mediterranean style: wine is among the country’s staple drinks.


Romania is further North, also offering natural diversity, with mountains and towering peaks – twelve peaks which rise to over 2,500 meters. The picturesqueness of the Carpathian Mountains, with the Moldoveanu peak, the tallest one, 2,544 meters high, should be seen during your private tour of Balkans. There is a string of towns along the Danube, which flows through Europe and empties into the Black Sea, spreading in the Danube Delta, a UNESCO Heritage site and the ground for unique species, together with opportunities for riverside and aquatic recreation.

More about Romania

This Balkan country preserves remains of the ancient Roman period when it was the Dacia province, and Romanians have a statue of the she-wolf feeding Romulus and Rem in each of their towns, to remind them of their origin. Romania was formed by the merging of two principalities, Moldavia and Wallachia, and after being in the Ottoman Empire, it gained independence in 1877. The Kingdom of Romania united with the regions of Bessarabia, Transylvania, and Bukovina. Romania became a republic, shortly after WWII, but the opulent palaces in actions of Peleș have remained and are open for visits. Transylvania is the most picturesque region you can see in Romania during your private Balkan tour, with the famed castle of Dracula in Bran, and the Parliament building, in mid-Bucharest, Romania’s capital, is the second largest building worldwide, after the Pentagon.


Greece is the farthest south, a Balkan country steeped in history, rightly considered the cradle of culture. Ancient Greece can be experienced by touring the country’s monuments which comprise 17 heritage sites under UNESCO’s aegis. Ancient times witnessed the conquests of Alexander the Great, the thriving of the Roman Empire, and subsequently the Byzantine Empire. Another milestone in Greece’s history is the origination of the Olympic Games. Visiting Greece on a Balkan private tour is getting acquainted with a mountainous country with a very indented coastline.

More about Greece

The Orthodox Church of Greece transmitted its traditions around the entire Orthodox world. The modern Greek state was founded in 1830, after a war aimed at gaining independence from the Ottoman Empire.

The largest city, the capital Athens, and the second largest one, Thessaloniki, are the most visited spots. Thessaloniki has been ranked as one of the most auspicious towns for partying. One attractive feature of the country that goes without saying is its cuisine. Local dishes are scrumptious and unique, with moussaka and feta cheese, olives, and olive oil in abundance. Among the historical sites, the Acropolis located in Athens, dating to the fifth century, stands out. Other sites comprise the ancient sanctuary of Delphi, in central Greece, the site of Olympia in Ellis where the Olympics originated, and many more.

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        Day 1 – Zagreb, Croatia

        Arrive in Zagreb, Croatia
        City tour and free time in Zagreb, Croatia
        Visit the Old Town; The Zagreb Cathedral; St. Mark’s church (Monumental, medieval-style, Serbian Orthodox church); Dolac Market (Large market with many stands offering flowers, fruits, veggies & meats in an indoor/outdoor setup); The Lotrscak Tower; The Medieval Stone Gate; The Lenucijeva Potkova. Ban Josip Jelačić Square (The central square of Zagreb)

        Overnight in Zagreb

        Day 2 – Split, Croatia
        Transfer to Split, Croatia
        City tour of Split and free time
        Visit the old town, The Diocletian Palace; The Cathedral of Saint Domnius (Built in 4th century AD); The Riva (The central part of Split); The Old Jupiter’s Temple (build in 3rd century AD); The “Let me pass” street; The Golden Gate (4th-century Roman stone entryway to Diocletian’s Palace, with arches & ornate statues);
        Overnight in Split

        Day 3 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

        Transfer to Dubrovnik
        City tour and free time
        Visit the Old town, the Ancient city walls, the Dubrovnik “Saint Saviour” church (16th century church with Renaissance architecture); the Dubrovnik cathedral (Early 18th-century baroque cathedral); The Onofrije’s fountain, The Franciscan Monastery (Landmark monastery built in the 1300s, noted for its cloister, library & historic pharmacy displays); the Gates of Pile; the Old port; the Clock tower, the Sponza Palace, the Rector’s Palace; the Fort Saint John; the Stradun (The main walking street in Dubrovnik old town);

        Overnight in Dubrovnik

        Day 4 – Mostar, Sarajevo, Bosnia

        Transfer to Mostar, Bosnia
        Short walk in the old town
        Visit the Old bridge, The Old city, The Old turkish bazar “Kujundziluk”, The Old turkish quarter, “Koskin – Mehmed pasha’s” mosque, Tito’s palace, “Mehmed Karadoz” Mosque.
        Visit Blagaj near Mostar
        Transfer to Sarajevo via Konjic
        Overnight in Sarajevo

        Day 5 – Sarajevo, Bosnia

        City tour of the old town in Sarajevo
        Visit the Bascarsija (The historical Turkish market); Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque (Ottoman mosque from 16th century); The Latin Bridge/ The Assassination Bridge (Ottoman-era stone bridge near the site of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s 1914 assassination); The Sebilj Monument (Famous 18th century wooden fountain); the “Sacred Heart” Cathedral (Gothic cathedral from the 19th century); The Sarajevo city hall, The Abandoned Bobsleigh Track (Built in 1984 for the Winter Olimpic games in Former Yugoslavia The country opened its doors to the international community to celebrate sport, after the breakup of Yugoslavia, during the long Sarajevo siege the bobsleigh track been used as a base for the artillery); The Tunnel of Hope (Military-history museum at the site of a storied Bosnian War–era underground tunnel);
        Free time in the afternoon

        Overnight in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

        Day 6 – Novi Sad Serbia
        Transfer to Novi Sad, Serbia
        Visit the old town and the Petrovadian fortress
        Overnight in Novi Sad

        Day 7 – Belgrade, Serbia
        Transfer to Belgrade
        City tour of Belgrade
        Visit the Belgrade fortress “Kalemegdan” (Enduring fortress built in 535 BCE) with a view to Sava and Danube rivers; The Pobednik Monument (Monument inside the Belgrade fortress); Church of the Holy Mother of God / Crkva Ruzica (Serbian Orthodox church located inside the Belgrade fortress); The “Knez Mihaylova” pedestrian street; t. Sava cathedralS (The biggest Orthodox cathedral in the Balkans ); The House of Flowers (Josip Broz Tito mausoleum); History museum of Yugoslavia; The Republic square, The National Assembly, The bombed buildings,
        During your free time you can take a walk around the Belgrade waterfront or enter some of the museums in Belgrade: Nikola Tesla Museum; The History museum of Serbia; etc.
        Overnight in Belgrade
        End of the tour

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        Hello, We organize tours around all balkan countries. Depends on your free time the tour can pass through all of them or those you prefer. The best time to visit the Balkans is in the Spring (April – May) or in the Autumn (September – October) Please, let me know in which countries you are interested in and I will create a customized program for your next Balkan tour.

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