Freeride Bulgaria

Hit the Powder! Freeride Bulgaria Ski and Snowboard Tours

Just come over and ski as much dry pow as you can handle!

Bulgaria is an undiscovered freeride ski and snowboard destination you will fall in love with. Have fun on the most fascinating hills in the Balkans with this freeride ski Bulgaria tour.

During the freeride snowboard Bulgaria tour you will experience the hidden offbeat routes lead by professional local freeride guide. He will show you the best off piste itineraries and will give you a holiday full with excitement and thrills whilst maintaining your safety in a winter mountain environment.

Why Bulgaria is the best for freeride destinations in the Balkans. The answer is simple:

It’s cheap
It offers different terrains for all levels of snowboarders and skiers
The peaks and forests are accessible with no hiking
The Bulgarian ski resorts has amazing night life
The freeride Bulgaria tour passing through some of the most impressive mountain scenery in Europe
Freeride the highest mountain on the Balkans
More than 130kms of off piste paths at heights of 2,600m located in the highest mountains in the Balkans

Think it’s too good to be true? Come and see for yourself.

If the powder means something for you, let me show you where to find it! The freeride Bulgaria tours are available on few different spots, most famous from which are Bansko, Borovets and the Seven Rila lakes.

I can organize freeride Bulgaria tours to all of the destinations listed bellow. If you still have no exact ideas of where you want to freeride in Bulgaria, keep reading and find out more about some of the best freeride sports and ski resorts the country has to offer.

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Bulgaria Freeride Destinations


Located in the southwest of the country, Bansko is on eof the most famous winter resorts on the Balkans. The Pirin mountain rises over it, as the perfect landscape for both summer and winter vacations. The surrounding mountain is a national park, included in the UNESCO list.

The mountain climate is auspicious for the retention of sufficient snow cover from December to April. The ski slopes of the town are always busy in wintertime. There are 75 kilometers of slopes. There are tracks for beginners, for advanced skiers, and also for very seasoned skiers. The skiing season is long, skiing is guaranteed from December up to May: natural snow cover is aided by artificial snow produced by special machines. In summer the inspiring beauty of the imposing Pirin mountain is no less breathtaking.

During the Bulgaria ski season everything in Bansko is clad in snow. The conditions are auspicious for einter trekking, skiing and snowboard and of course freeriding.


Kartala is an attractive region situated in the Bulgarian Rila Mountain, 27 km. east of Blagoevgrad. During the  summertime that area is starting place for many hiking itineraries to some of the most famous natural sights in the country. During the Bulgarian winter season this spot transforms into a favorite freeride skiing location of the local skiers and snowboarders.

Kartala is well-known freeride ski spot in Bulgaria among the local freeriders. The resort has all you need for excellent freeride snowboarding/skiing in Bulgaria: a cabin lift, good conditions for freeriding and a lots of powder.


Pamporovo is a snow clad resort in winter and a haven for lovers of pine forest scent and fresh verdure in all seasons. Tourists throng in winter months, as the season starts in December. Everyone can plan winter vacations until the end of April. Fans of mountain scapes can visit it at any time. In autumn the color profusion is stunning, with deciduous trees contributing different shades.

Pamporovo offers excellent slopes for skiing. Almost all of them start from the Snezhanka peak towering above. The altitude of the slopes ranges from 1926 to 1400 meters. The Snezhanka peak rises at 1926 meters. It is the highest peak in the area. On top a TV tower invites with a height of 156 meters. The panorama from the tower’s café is unrivaled, revealing the surroundings from a height of 2019 meters. The peak can be climbed or reached by a chair lift.


The mountain resort Borovets in Rila is the oldest mountain resort that Bulgaria has. It is constantly expanded and new hotels and facilities complement it. Skiing is a great pastime in the resort. The snow cover is thick and the season for skiing lasts months, starting from December and going on until April.

Borovets in Bulgaria entices with thick snow in winter and verdant pine forests at any time. The Rila mountain where it lies is a mountainous heaven. The hotels are comfortable, with all creature comforts, and the restaurants meet all tastes with palatable meals. There are villa settlements amid the pine forests, with house which are scattered to let nature envelop them and make everyone vacationing there feel laid back and immersed in rest and relaxation.

When snow falls in the resort, its whiteness is pristine. Not only skiing and sowboarding, but also freeriding, winter trekking and then delighting in hot herb tea are great experiences. In summer hiking trails can be pursued to reach uniquely beautiful nooks in the locality. The Seven Rila Lakes are among the outstanding choices. Rila has plenty charming chalets and a profusion of water in streams and lakes, which is uniquely pleasing. Each trail passes by streams or brooks, or lakes.

The Seven Rila Lakes

The Seven Rila Lakes are one of the most famous Bulgarian nature sight which fortunately provides great conditions for freeriding during the winter. The area comprises an expanse with seven lakes scattered around, and three peaks rising to surround the area, seeming to protect the resplendent landscape. The altitude of the lakes area varies from 2,095 to 2,535 meters. The water from one lake flows downward to the next lake, and the lowest located lake is the origin of the Dzherman river. Often the picture of the lakes is used to symbolize Bulgaria in adverts.

The highest located lake is Sulzata (Tear): its altitude is 2,535 meters. Okoto has the largest depth: 2,440 meters. Its area is 68 decares. Bubreka is a lake shaped like a kidney, that is why it got its name meaning “kidney” in Bulgarian. Bubreka’s greatest depth is 28 meters. The other lakes are Ribnoto, Trilistnika, Dolnoto, and a lake with two parts joined by a narrow passage – that was why it was called Bliznaka (Twin).