Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations. Once you transfer the deposit for your tour, by default you accept these terms and conditions.


Due to volatility in fuel and goods prices we reserve the right to readjust the total price before the beginning of your tour.

Once you send a deposit you will be allocated a guide/guides for the particular tour and a confirmation emailed to you. This is your confirmation of booking. This should be saved for own reference.

We accept no responsibility for incorrect email or inability to deliver email. If your confirmation does not arrive on time or at all, then you must ask us to resend the email confirmation of the tours you have paid for.

All bookings will be confirmed by email.

Tours without full payment or a deposit are not considered confirmed and Private Guide Bulgaria / Lemon Tours LTD has the right to refuse to provide the tourist service.

It is the responsibility of the participants to check the accuracy of dates booked upon receipt of their travel documents.

Once you receive the confirmation email, you accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

Private Guide Bulgaria / Lemon Tours LTD organize tours and represent various providers like guides, transportation, and accommodations around the Balkans. We don’t own or control these services and aren’t liable for their actions. Any issues must be taken up with the specific provider and Lemon Tour LTD has no responsibility.


Lemon Tours Ltd is committed to ensuring your travel arrangements meet your expectations. However, it’s important to note that Lemon Tours Ltd, its employees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns do not possess or control any entities offering goods and services for your travel. This includes, but is not limited to, accommodations, airlines, vessels, motor coach services, transportation companies, guides, local ground operators, excursion organizers, food service providers, and more. All such individuals and entities operate independently and have no direct affiliation with Lemon Tours Ltd or any of its associated entities.


To reserve your tour, you’ll need to put down a part of the total tour cost in the form of a deposit.

The deposit can be send directly to our company bank account.

You can pay the remainder of the price in cash at the beginning of the tour or via wire transfer at least 30 days before the starting tour date

Once you send a deposit you will be receive a confirmation email. This is your confirmation of booking. This should be printed and saved for own reference. One month before the tour date you will receive another email with you guide’s name and phone number, so you can stay in touch.

All money transfer fees are at your expense. If they are not covered will be added to the final amount of the tour

You can find more information about the pricing here. https://privateguidebulgaria.com/pricing/



Up to 90 days before the departure date = 100% refund after taxes
61 days to 89 days before the departure date = 70 % refund after taxes
31 days to 60 days before the departure date = 50% refund after taxes
30 days or less before the departure date = 0% refund


Up to 30 days before the departure date = 100% refund after taxes
15 days to 30 days before the departure date = 50% refund after taxes
14 days or less before the departure date = 0% refund

Any refund which has been agreed with the management of Private Guide Bulgaria will be processed within 30 days. All transfer and procedure fees are at client’s expense.


Private Guide Bulgaria reserves the right to change the tour guide or vehicle with a similar one at any point of the tour without advance notification.

Local tour guides are not part of Private Guide Bulgaria and in an unlikely event of cancellation from their side, we will book another guide or refund the guiding fee.

Attraction lists for our city tours are provided as example.
Depending on the timing, weather conditions and clients interests our guides can add or amend certain attractions, included in the initial list. Let us know in advance if there are any attractions you absolutely want to visit.

Private Guide Bulgaria / Lemon Tours LTD reserve the right to change our typical itineraries at any time and at our discretion. As professionals we will endeavor to avoid this and if this is necessary, we will substitute alternative arrangements of comparable monetary value.

We reserve the right to alter our itinerary in the event of happenings outside the control of Private Guide Bulgaria / Lemon Tours LTD. This includes outbreaks of ‘foot and mouth’ or other contagious diseases, revolution, national or local strikes and/or protests, social disorder, political unrest.

Private Guide Bulgaria are constantly striving to make our tours even more brilliant than they are perceived by many to be, therefore should attractions open or become open to us, that we feel will enhance your experience of our beloved motherland then we reserve the right to include these in your best interests.

Private Guide Bulgaria reserve the right to decrease the price of our tours at any time.

Potential passengers are asked to appreciate that we cannot guarantee the vehicle you travel in will be decorated with Private Guide Bulgaria livery.

At certain times of the season our fleet may not be large enough to accommodate all passengers. In such an event we reserve the right to contract quality private motor coaches to assist us in carrying passengers. In this case a Day Tour Company guide will be provided and the standard of the vehicle will be equal. We will endeavour to avoid this situation.

Private Guide Bulgaria reserve the right to launch amended brochures in the public domain at any time.

Prices are based on current rates of exchange, tariffs and taxes. Private Guide Bulgaria reserves the right to increase tour prices to cover increased costs, tariffs and taxes, and to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange markets.

Private Guide Bulgaria also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or any part of it to make such alterations in the itinerary or with the tour inclusions as it deems necessary or desirable and to pass on to tour members any expenditures or losses caused by delays or events beyond its control. Itineraries and arranged sightseeing are subject to change at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond Private Guide Bulgaria control. Every effort will be made to operate tours as planned, but alterations may occur after the final itinerary has been issued.

Tour prices, based on current exchange rates, tariffs, and taxes, can increase due to cost changes or foreign exchange fluctuations. Lemon Tour LTD has the right to amend a tour, change the itinerary, or increase prices due to circumstances beyond our control. We strive to operate tours as planned, but alterations may happen after the final itinerary is issued.


The client accepts that to participate in the tour requires a measure of physical fitness and health and it is the client’s obligation to ensure that he or she is medically fit to embark on the tour.

Passengers over the age of 60 take responsibility that they are fit enough to travel and may be asked to leave the tour if they are hindering the progress of the tour.

Ensuring compliance with health requirements or restrictions, including carrying vaccination documentation for your travel destinations, is your responsibility. Lemon Tours Ltd does not provide this information. Due to COVID-19, airlines and authorities at your destinations may impose testing or temperature check requirements. Non-compliance could result in entry denial or quarantine mandates. It is your responsibility to adhere to local regulations and bear any associated costs for testing, quarantine, transportation, and accommodation in the event of entry denial.


The client must at all times comply with the laws, customs and foreign exchange regulations of all countries visited during the tour.

In addition, the client acknowledges that any disruptive, dangerous or potentially dangerous behaviour during the tour shall not be tolerated and that Lemon Tours LTD, its employees, representatives, agents and/or contractors being so authorized, reserve the right to exclude the client from the tour at any point therein in such circumstances.

Lemon Tours LTD shall not be liable for any costs and/or expenses for the client resulting from exclusion as aforesaid, and the client shall not be entitled to a refund or rebate of the tour price or any additional compensation in such instances.

Lemon Tours LTD shall not be liable for damages incurred by clients as stipulated here in above if any of the following reasons apply:

Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alteration or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such causes.
Accidents during transportation or accommodations, damage by fire.
Cessation of services related to transportation or accommodation facilities, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
Orders of either Bulgarian or foreign governments, immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alteration or cancellation owing to such causes.
Accidents occurring during the client’s free activities.
Food poisoning.
Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alterations and/or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.
In case of unlikely event of car accident all the expenses are covered by the insurance company. Private Guide Bulgaria/ Lemon Tours LTD is not responsible for any damage, loss or dead.

We don’t cover deportation costs or other expenses in the event of death.

Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for weather conditions. No ticket can be cancelled or amended by you at any time on the basis of weather conditions. We accept no responsibility for weather conditions that may affect the delivery and implementation of our itinerary.


You acknowledge that adventures travel and the products and services offered by the Tour Operator may involve a significant amount of risk to your health and safety. By traveling on tour organized by Lemon Tours LTD you acknowledge that you have considered any potential risks to health and safety. You hereby assume responsibility for all such risk and releases the Lemon Tours LTD from all claims and causes of action arising from any losses, damages or injuries or death resulting from risks inherent in travel, including adventure travel specifically, visiting foreign destinations, and participating in adventurous activities such as those included in Tour itineraries or otherwise offered by Lemon Tours LTD / Private Guide Bulgaria.

You acknowledge that the degree and nature of personal risk involved depends on the products or services booked and the location(s) in which a product or service operates, and that there may be a significant degree of personal risk involved in participating, particularly participating in physical activities, travel to remote locations, carriage by watercraft, participation in “extreme sports” or other high-risk activities, or travel to countries with developing infrastructure. Standards of hygiene, accommodation and transport in certain countries where Tours take place are often lower than the standards you may reasonably expect in your home country or region. You agree that Lemon Tours LTD is not responsible for providing information or guidance with respect to local customs, weather conditions, specific safety concerns, physical challenges or laws in effect in any locations where a Tour, product or service is operated. You acknowledge you have considered the potential risks, dangers and challenges and your own personal capabilities and needs, and you expressly assume the risks associated with travel under such conditions.

You must at all times strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations of all countries and regions. Should you fail to comply with the above or commit any illegal act when on Tour or, if in the opinion of Private Guide Bulgaria / lemon Tours LTD (acting reasonably), your behavior is causing or is likely to cause danger, distress or material annoyance to others, Private Guide Bulgaria may terminate your travel arrangements on any product or service immediately at your expense and without any liability on Private Guide Bulgaria’s part. You will not be entitled to any refund for unused or missed services or costs incurred as a result of termination of your travel arrangements, including, without limitation, return travel, accommodations, meals, and incidentals.

You are responsible for any costs (including repair, replacement and cleaning fees) incurred by Lemon Tours LTD or its suppliers for property damage, destruction or theft caused by you while on a Tour. You agree to immediately report any pre-existing damage to a representative of the Lemon Tours LTD and staff of the accommodation, transportation service, or facility as soon as possible upon discovery.

You agree to take all prudent measures in relation to your own safety while on Tour including, but not limited to, the proper use of safety devices (including seatbelts, harnesses, flotation devices and helmets) and obeying all posted signs and oral or written warnings regarding health and safety. Neither Lemon Tours LTD nor its Third Party Suppliers (as defined herein) are liable for loss or damages caused by your failure to comply with safety instructions or warnings.

You agree to bring any complaints to Lemon Tours LTD as soon as possible in order to provide us with the opportunity to properly address such complaint. You agree to inform your tour leader, another representative of Lemon Tours LTD or our customer service department directly.

Lemon Tours LTD assumes no liability for complaints that are not properly brought to the attention of Lemon Tours LTD and cannot resolve or attempt to resolve complaints until proper notice is provided.

If due to weather, flight schedules, or other uncontrollable factors you are required to spend additional night(s), you will be responsible for your own hotel, transfers, and meal costs.
Baggage is entirely at the owner’s risk. Drivers, guides or other service providers are not responsible for your luggage.

You agree to take all prudent measures in relation to your own safety while on tour including, but not limited to, the proper use of safety devices (including seat-belts, harnesses, flotation devices and helmets) and obeying all posted signs and oral or written warnings regarding health and safety. Neither Balkan Tales nor its Third Party Suppliers (as defined herein) are liable for loss or damages caused by your failure to comply with safety instructions or warnings.


It is the Clients’ responsibility to ensure that he and the members of his Party do not behave in a way which causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others. In such circumstances all suppliers (e.g. hotel managers, airline pilots) and Lemon Tours LTD have the right to terminate arrangements made on the Clients’ behalf, in which case the Company’s responsibility to the Client ceases immediately. Therefore, Lemon Tours LTD will not be liable for any refunds, payment of compensation or reimbursement of any cost or expenses incurred as a result. Further, the Client will be liable to reimburse the Company for any expenses whatsoever that it incurs as a result of such behavior.

Before the tour you can contact the tour guide/ guides allocated to your tour to stay in touch with then directly.

Lemon Tours LTD  reserves the right to change the guide/guides assigned to your tour before its beginning.

The guides are entitled to terminate the tour in case of: abuse, sexual harassment, attacks,  and misbehavior on your part.

The guide decides for her/himself what are the limits of acceptable behavior described above

Lemon Tours LTD travel service providers can decide where and for how long to make breaks, because the driving could be stressful and they need to rest for a while.  

The guide is not obliged to have lunch and dinner with the group. This happens only at his/her request. The lunch break is break also for your tour leader. Please let him take a break for a while. The break is necessary, no matter of your diet. Lemon Tours’ guides need good lunch

The working hours of your tour guide are determined by the itinerary. The tour guide’s working time is limited to the end of the schedule and she/he can refuse to accompany you outside the agreed in advance hours.

Your guide will accompany you during the itinerary confirmed by you before the tour.  He/She can agree or refuse to accompany you outside agreed itinerary.

Normal car wash and vacuuming is included in the price. If after tour the vehicle requires special cleaning, like stain removal or hot water extraction cleaning, you will be charged additional fee of €150. If traveling with kids, there is a big chance additional cleaning to be required.


Lemon Tours LTD reserves the right to use any photographs and video taken during the tour for use in marketing or any other advertising material, and the client hereby consents to such use. The client further agrees that the Company shall retain copyright over any such photographs and videos taken during the tour and/or used in its brochures and, to the extent necessary, the client hereby assigns copyright in such photographs and/or videos to Lemon Tours LTD


Unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to war, mechanical breakdowns, weather, riots and other unforeseen reasons beyond the control of Lemon Tours LTD may cause delays or alterations to the tour. The Company shall not be held liable in any way for any of these possible occurrences or any consequences, which may arise as a result of these.


Clients must be aware of travel requirements for entry into each country specified in the confirmed itinerary. Any necessary program changes due to these requirements, along with associated expenses, are the responsibility of the client. Ensuring valid travel documentation, such as passports and visas, that meets the immigration and other government authorities’ requirements at each destination is your responsibility. Any fines, penalties, payments, or expenditures resulting from documents not meeting these requirements will be solely your responsibility.


Valid passports are required for travel to most destinations. Check with the appropriate consulate or embassy for the latest visa requirements.

It is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, health certificates, proof of vaccinations and any other required documentation are all in order for the countries to be visited during the tour.

Lemon Tours LTD shall not be held liable for any consequences, damages or claims if the client prior does not correctly attend to the client’s documentation and related matters as contemplated herein.


Accommodation is not included of the final price of the tour. After you confirm the tour itinerary with our tour designer we can send a separate quote for the hotel accommodation and book it for you as well. Because some of our clients prefer to book their own accommodation we can also provide list of hotels for each location you can book on your own. The hotel list is send after the deposit is received by Lemon Tours LTD and the tour is confirmed.

Lemon Tours Ltd would like to explicitly state that it does not own or operate any entity providing hotel accommodation during its tours. We act solely as a tour organizer, facilitating bookings and arrangements with independent third-party hotel providers. As such, Lemon Tours Ltd and its employees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns are not responsible for:

Quality of Services:
Lemon Tours Ltd does not guarantee the quality of services provided by independent hotels.
Client experiences at hotels are subject to the policies and standards of the individual hotel.

Reservation Issues:
Any issues related to hotel reservations, including but not limited to availability, overbooking, or changes, are the sole responsibility of the hotel.

Cancellations and Refunds:
Hotel cancellation policies and refund procedures are determined by the individual hotels and are not within the control of Lemon Tours Ltd.

Damages and Loss:
Lemon Tours Ltd is not liable for any damages, losses, or inconveniences caused during the client’s stay at a hotel.

Disputes arising from hotel accommodation should be addressed directly with the relevant hotel management.
Clients are advised to carefully review the terms and conditions of the hotels booked through Lemon Tours Ltd and to contact the hotel directly for any concerns or inquiries.

By engaging in our services, clients acknowledge and accept the independent nature of hotel accommodations and the limitations of Lemon Tours Ltd in overseeing hotel-related matters.


Comprehensive travel insurance is mandatory on the tour. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has such insurance in place (together with the required paperwork to prove such insurance) before embarking on the tour.

The client acknowledges that the travel insurance must include comprehensive medical insurance including provision for air evacuation, and that Lemon Tours LTD shall not be liable for any consequences, damages or loss as a result of the client failing to have the necessary cover.


Service providers, at their sole discretion, retain the right to deny service to travelers for various reasons, including, but not limited to, lacking proper documentation for the destination country, having a contagious disease, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and/or displaying disruptive or unruly behavior. Lemon Tours LTD bears no liability for the service provider’s decision to refuse service.


Private Guide Bulgaria / Lemon Tours LTD has a strong commitment to providing excellent service to all of our customers and visitors of this Website, including respecting concerns about privacy. Private Guide Bulgaria will explicitly ask when we need information that personally identifies you or allows us to contact you (“personal information”). Generally this information is requested when making reservations; when requesting a particular service. You agree to provide accurate and current information, and not to impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with anyone or anything.

The purposes for which Private Guide Bulgaria will use your personal information are as follows: to transact with you via the website or email regarding reservations, to provide services to you via our website; to inform you of new features, services, special offers and products (provided you have consented to receiving such marketing material); to enable us to process, validate and verify reservations and requests for services and for the purposes for which you specifically provided the information; to improve your experience on our website.

Private Guide Bulgaria shall be entitled to disclose personal information if required to do so (a) to comply with applicable law or with legal process served on Private Guide Bulgaria; (b) to protect and defend the rights or property of Private Guide Bulgaria, and (c) for the purposes of distributing same to various employees and/or third parties who assist Private Guide Bulgaria in providing services to you and thus need to know your personal information in order to render a proper and efficient service to you. We will ensure that all such employees and/or third party service providers having access to your personal information are bound by appropriate and legally binding confidentiality and non-use obligations in relation to your personal information.

You are aware that information and data is automatically collected through the standard operation of the Internet servers and through the use of “cookies.” “Cookies” are small text files a website can use to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s ongoing access to and use of the website and allow a website to track usage behaviour and compile aggregate data that will allow content improvements and targeted advertising. Cookies are not programs that come onto your system and damage files. Generally, cookies work by assigning a unique number to you that has no meaning outside the assigning site. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to deny or accept the cookie feature; however, you should note that cookies may be necessary to provide you with certain features (e.g., customized delivery of information) available on our Websites.

Whilst the supplier is of intent to take reasonable measures to keep personal information about you confidential, it shall however not be liable for any loss or damage, suffered as a result of the disclosure of such information beyond the reasonable control of the supplier.

Private Guide Bulgaria will:

Treat your personal information as strictly confidential;
Take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that your personal information is kept secure and is protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage, alteration, disclosure or access;
Promptly notify you if we become aware of any unauthorized use, disclosure or processing of your personal information;
Provide you with reasonable evidence of our compliance with our obligations under this policy on reasonable request; and
Upon your request, promptly return or destroy any and all of your personal information in our possession or control.
We will not retain your personal information longer than the period for which it was originally needed, unless we are required by law to do so, or you consent to us retaining such information for a longer period.


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