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This is my blog about travelling around Bulgaria and the Balkans. Here you will find a lot of photos of Bulgaria, fascinating stories and inspiring information about the most beautiful country in Europe - Bulgaria.

Travel the Balkans Like a Local – 7 tips for driving in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian capital Sofia, has a good public transportation system with subway and bus routes covering the entire city. Also, taxis are affordable, so getting around in Sofia is quite easy without the need of a car. However, if you plan to visit other cities during your stay in Bulgaria, doing it by car is your best option. Unless you are travelling with your own car, you will need to find a car rental. Of the international car rental companies, the biggest ones with offices in Bulgaria are Sixt, Avis, Europcar and Hertz. There are however some very good and quite affordable local options too. If you arrive in Sofia and you need a rental car, it’s worth checking out Universal Car Rent. Once you get your car, the adventure begins. Here are our top 7 tips for driving in Bulgaria: #1 Follow the rules Naturally, this is valid for any... Read More

UNESCO Sights in Bulgaria: Historical Landmarks and Unique Customs

Bulgaria extends not only sunshine soaked beaches and verdant mountains for tourists who are eager to explore it. The Bulgarian land is steeped in history, with sites left from peoples who inhabited it and made culture and art thrive along with crafts, manufacturing, trading. 

Interview with Hagar Hatata – Private Tour Guide in Egypt

Hagar Hatata is a licensed egyptologist and private tour guide, graduated in the faculty of tourism where she studied Egyptology, archaeology, history, art, languages and hierogliphics for four years. She can organize a variety of guided private tours in Egypt, including transportation, meals and accommodation upon request.

Interview with Rosemary Neave from Women Travel the World

Rosemary Neave is аn extraordinary woman and enthusiastic networker who love to write, connect people with information that can help or guide share the stories of other women. She is the owner of  Women Travel New Zealand, Women Travel the World and Women Travel Blog.

Travel Bloggers from All Over the World are Talking About Bulgaria

You probably heard many stories about Bulgaria, but still don’t know why you should visit it. There is a reason! Actually, there are thousands of reasons. Here you will find some links of articles and quotes of the best news sites, online travel magazines and travel bloggers talking about Bulgaria.

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