Join a Rafting Tour in Bulgaria

Join a Rafting Tour in Bulgaria

Get to know Bulgaria, land of diverse nature and rivers with rapids, just what you need for breathtaking rafting experiences. You will speed downstream, conquer the whitewater rapids, with your team, and will row together to escape difficulties and keep your position in the boat, to function as part of the team at any moment.

Rafting season

The season for rafting experiences kicks off in March and goes on until the end of November. Autumns Bulgaria are warm, so November is also good for going rafting, the water is still tough.

Rivers for rafting

The river most preferred and visited for rafting is the Struma. There are two rafting tracks on it, the upper one and the lower one. The rivers Arda and Iskar are the other famous rafting destinations in Bulgaria.


When you join a group for rafting, you will be transported to the starting place, and you will be provided with all the equipment necessary. You will be instructed before the rafting experience starts.

Don’t forget to order pictures and video of your experience, it will be a precious memory you will look at and watch with pleasure.

The difficulty scale according to the International Rafting Federation

The scale of difficulties comprises six grades. On the same river, the difficulty grade can change depending on the flow. Let us explain what the first four grades mean:

  • The first grade is for flow with small waves.
  • Grade 2 is for straightforward rapids, and is for novices.
  • Grade 3 is for moderate waves, though strong currents can also be classified under this grade. This extent of difficulty is for intermediate level rafters.
  • Grade 4 is for rapids which have an intense scale, and you may need to do scouting here. This extent is for advanced rafters.

On the Struma, rafting of scales 3 and 4 is carried out.

On the Iskar, in the spring the grade of difficulty reaches up to 3. Generally, during the season, grade 2 rafting is practised.

On the Arda, grade 2 rafting is carried out.


On the Struma, the length of the track is around 13km, and the experience lasts for 4 hours. This is a track which is a challenge not only for novices, but for intermediate level rafters as well.

On the Iskar, you will cover 10km, in an hour and a half. This is a great place for novice rafters. You can combine the experience with rock climbing and exploring caves, because the area is rich in caves and has rocks and areas inviting for memorable walks in pristine nooks.

If you are excited by the idea of a 2-day rafting experience, go to the Arda river. During the first day, you will cover part of the distance, with stops for lunch, photo snapping and enjoying natural beauty, and will resume your rafting journey on the second day, with stops and enjoyable activities like during the first day.

Book your rafting experience with us

We offer equipment, professional instructors, and guides. You will be provided with the transport you need, to the rafting destination and back, and also to places of interest where our English speaking guides will acquaint you with the history and customs of the area. We can also include a rafting experience as part of your tour of Bulgaria. Contact us, and leave the details and arrangements to us, we will be happy to organize your rafting and sightseeing in our country. For aficionados of extreme sport we can offer other exciting trips, flights etc., bungee jumps and many more. Find out by contacting us!

The equipment

You need special equipment to go rafting, and we will provide everything for you: the neoprene costume and boots, the safety jacket, and the helmet. You must keep all your equipment items on while you are in the river, to be protected from the cold water and not get wet or cold. Thus you will keep warm and comfortable and will be safe during your rafting experience.