Horse Riding

Horse Riding in Bulgaria

Experience the wilds like you’ve never seen them before! A horse riding tour in Bulgaria presents a uniquely memorable way to explore the country – from the mountain paths to scenic coastal routes. Saddle up a Bulgarian Arab crossbred, and prepare to embark on a horseback expedition you’ll never forget.

Here’s what you can expect from my horse riding holidays in Bulgaria:

Every tour I offer is custom built around you. From pick-up and drop-off points, through to every stop on the itinerary!
Learn all the secrets of Bulgaria, and discover its hidden gems! My local knowledge and years of experience will allow me to show you all the best bits of this beautiful country.
When we’re not on horses, we’ll travel in a spacious, air-conditioned bus driven by a professional driver… leaving me free to spend more time telling you about my country.
My tours are priced competitively, and I’m happy to create an itinerary based around your budget.

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More about the Horse Riding in Bulgaria

Horse riding holidays are unique experiences in Bulgaria. Tourists can choose from holidays in one place, tours of the seaside, mountain tours, all of them replete with equestrian activities. Bulgarian horses are crosses with Arabian full blooded horses to add strength to the toughness of Bulgarian breeds. Their average height is 1.60 m. They are well trained, and can be mastered easily with the aid of guides who know about horses’ habits and needs. Guides accompany all groups or individuals who undertake horse riding tours or treks. For horse riding vacations, tourists can turn to the bases which breed and train horses. Equestrian bases are available in the Balkan range, in the Apriltsi village, in the Sveshten village near Kazanlak, in the Iskar ranch near Sofia.

In Apriltsi, the riding center functions the year round. The valley provides grass for grazing, and opportunities for training horses. The panorama is worth delighting in. The trails are challenging and worthwhile. Tourists can take the trail leading to Mount Botev, the Balkan Range’s highest peak and passing through the Severen Dzendem reserve. There are also other trails to follow.

Sveshten, near Kazanlak and Karlovo, in the Valley of Roses, is a small village which is surrounded by towering mountain ridges. Its meadows are auspicious for grazing, and the locality abounds in woodlands rimming the scenery with fresh verdure. The base and riding center is above the village, at 1,000 m. It comprises the Sveshten lodge with accommodation and leisure facilities.

The Iskar ranch is on the bank of the Iskar artificial lake. There, 60 horses are groomed and trained. There are also colts which have yet to be trained. Those who wish to ride a colt can do so in a special enclosed area. The locality comprises not only flat areas, but also low hills. That is the perfect terrain for riding and mastering the skill on both easy and challenging levels. Furthermore, the two ponds on the ranch invite for alternating horse riding activities with swimming and fishing.

Tourists can also take trails in the Rila and Strandzha mountains. Rila is higher and larger. It is dotted by brooks and criss-crossed with paths leading to mountain lodges and summits. Strandzha is a low mountain in the southeast, with unique nature and quiet villages welcoming with folk traditions and customs; the Veleka river valley and the Silkosia reserve are its gems.

People who come to Bulgaria for equestrian tours and vacations should take the necessary clothing and footwear, special hard-toed boots, helmets, windproof jackets. It is essential to bring insect repellent and sunscreen lotion, or buy them on arrival, to get protection from insects, especially from mosquitos and ticks, and from the sun.