Bulgaria Culinary Tours

Bulgaria Culinary Tours

Treat your tastebuds to the ultimate getaway… with one of my exclusive culinary tours of Bulgaria! You’ll sample the nation’s finest dishes, with tours catering to all tastes.

Here’s what you’ll get on one of my culinary tours:

From start and finish points, to day-to-day activities – you’ll get to have your say on every stage of the trip!
Explore Bulgaria like a local. I’m not just a qualified guide, I’ve also got a wealth of insider secrets to share with you.
I’ll be free to answer your questions, or provide support along the way. Our comfortable tour bus comes with a dedicated driver.
Travelling on a budget? That’s fine – my tours are competitively priced, and I can always tailor a trip to meet your price range.

As your Private tour guide I can create the best culinary Bulgaria tour for you, includes visit the Bulgarian creamery, orchards, yogurt factories or just a traditional lunch prepared by a Bulgarian grandmother. Its all about your taste. Here you will taste real tomatoes, strawberries, home made jams and pickled vegies, the world famous Shopska salad and the traditional Banitsa which taste you will remember forever. 

Taste the authentic Balkan cuisine with my custom culinary tours in Bulgaria. Bulgarian yogurt, cheese, fruit or dishes, whatever. Because you will love them. Almost 100% of the food in Bulgaria is with no added chemicals and GMO free, which make it one of the best and most delicious food all around Europe. 

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More about the Bulgarian Food 

Bulgarian cuisine is one of the strongest reasons why tourists visit the country. Its deliciousness is due to the gamut of vegetables grown locally, and to the skills of cooks refined throughout centuries, blending European and Asian cuisine traditions.

One of the peculiarities that people notice about Bulgarian dishes is the preparation of all or most of the products in a dish at the same time. The explanation is simple: in the past people used to take their dishes to be baked or roasted in public ovens. Another outstanding feature is the abundance of vegetables which are cooked together with the meat.

The scrumptious taste of Bulgarian dishes is also due to the ample use of spices, like paprika, pepper, allspice, bay leaf; these are spices typical for oriental cuisines. Mint and basil, as well as rosemary, are also staples that add to the aroma and the flavor. Bulgarian cuisine belongs to Balkan cuisines, so there are common dishes and principles of cooking. There is also a host of similarities with Mediterranean cuisine. 

Traditional Bulgarian Taste

Then come the plethora of vegetables used, a feature common with Mediterranean cuisine. Hotchpotch is one of the most scrumptious dishes, especially when all the vegetables one can think of are baked together to yield a symphony of mouth-watering unison.

Vegetable salads are staples in all seasons, and Shopska salad is the universal favorite: just cucumbers, tomatoes, onion and cheese, and you get a perfect appetizer, replete with healthy substances too.

Speaking of vegetables, who would resist the vegetable paste called lyutenitsa: baked peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, sometimes with more vegetables added. The jars of lyutenitsa are everywhere, begging to be tasted with the paste spread on a slice of bread.

Bulgarian Banitsa

Visitors to Bulgaria who explore its dishes notice the abundance of pastries; the most common is banitsa, pastry prepared mostly with cheese, but this phyllo dough can also be prepared with nettle, spinach, pumpkin, etc. filling. Mekitsas, dough pieces fried and sprinkled with icing sugar, are also high in demand.

Bulgarian banitsa

Bulgarian Yogurt

Bulgarian yoghurt is ubiquitous, eaten with pastry, added to dishes to complement the delight with a new twist, or strained into thick substance, mixed with cucumbers, fresh or pickled, is a favorite salad type called “Snezhanka” (Snow White).

Wherever Bulgarians think of festive dinner, the round loaves called pogacha are staples. They are made from yeast dough, with milk or yoghurt, and often with cheese pieces inside. The result is scrumptious and filling as a full-blooded dish, especially with the mixture of spices that is present everywhere too, called “sharena sol” (motley salt, indeed salt with ground pumpkin seeds and different other spices mixed in). Meat dishes feature great meatballs and meatrolls, shashlik from chicken or pork, etc.

Taste the best Bulgarian dishes! Send your requirements now and let me design the best Bulgaria culinary tour for you.