Wine Tasting Tours in Bulgaria

Wine Tours in Bulgaria

Bulgaria ranks in the top five wine producers of Europe. Want to know why? Come on my wine tasting tour in Bulgaria and you’ll soon understand. From rich, fruity reds, to refreshing whites and delicate rosés… I’ll take you deep into the wine lands, to sample some of the finest Bulgarian produce.

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More about the Wine tasting in Bulgaria 

In Bulgaria, ample sunlight penetrates into grapes and yields aromatic wines that are a must to taste. Two thirds of the vineyards are in the Danube Plain, enjoying the abundance of sun. They yield Gamza, deep purple and boasting spicy taste. Another outstanding red wine is Cabernet Sauvignon. They are just a few of the area’s wine palette.

For wine tasting, the private Vinprom Rousse, in Rousse, and Lovico Suhindol, in the Suhindol village, are recommended. Both boast Gamza, Rousse also offers white wines, and Lovico shows off Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Muscat.

In the western part, the Magura winery makes full use of the Magura cave. Thanks to the auspicious wine aging conditions, sparkling wines become delightful. Furthermore, the wine tasting there is unique as it takes place deep in the cave.

The Black Sea region is no less appropriate for vineyard growing and wine making, so wine tasting there is unmissable. The climate, mild and sun soaked, enables the grapes to gather the sunshine and blend it into the wines. Wines worth tasting there comprise Dimyat, Riesling, Muscat Ottonel. The Euxinograde winery, near Varna, is the place for wine tasting. It belongs with the former summer Bulgarian royalty palace. And now the Euxinograde winery houses the collections of wines of former tsars. It is a boutique winery, and wine tasting together with the delight of the spacious botanical garden of the palace form lasting memories.

Somewhat further west, in the Shumen town, Domaine Boyar is the winery to stop at for wine tasting. Chardonnay is its signature wine which is offered for tasting. Nearby, in the town of Sliven, is the Domaine Boyar winery. Besides the fine wines it is famed for its cutting edge wine production facilities, the most modern in the Balkan Peninsula area.

In the Balkan mountain folds lies the Valley of Roses, where dry wines are tasted as its greatest wine palette. Misket is the dry wine to taste, especially in Sungurlare, in Vinex Slavyantsi. The valley there is auspicious for the Misket type grapes growing. The Oriahovitsa signature wine, “Old red from Oriahovitsa”, is unique in taste too. In the Thracian Plain, Mavrud, red, spicy, is a delight, and Merlot and Pamid, other worthy wines, can be tasted at Bessa Valley winery.

In the southwest corner of Bulgaria, in the Struma river valley, wine making is also widely developed, and wine tasting is a must. There is Melnik, a tiny town ranking as the smallest town of the country, but most of all famed for its local wines, fine because of the arid and hot climate. Orbelus is Melnik’s blended wine, the finest Melnik wine, and more wines benefit from fermenting in clay pots. More about Melnik – the Bulgarian wine capital