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Custom Private Tours in Bulgaria and the Balkans

Get access to custom travel itineraries and personal travel planning. Just fill in your desired travel style, trip details, and budget. Our team will design the best Balkan experience for you!

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    Immersive Experience: We aim to delve into the details of the Balkans. Travel with a tour leader and local guides is essential.Balanced Freedom: We desire a mix of structured activities and leisure time. Travel with English-speaking drivers and local guides at select locations.Independent Exploration: We like to explore locations at our own pace. Travel with an English-speaking driver is our preference.Customized Journey: We prefer a custom itinerary to travel the Balkans at our own pace with own transportation


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    When you book a custom private tour with us, we need to know everything about your travel plans. Share your objectives, your desired dates, the duration and the number of people in your group… tell us what kind of hotels you prefer, the kinds of cities and sorts of attractions you want to visit during your customized tour in Bulgaria or the Balkans.

    Here’s the typical process for putting together a Bulgaria or Balkan private tour:

    Step #1: Planning the Itinerary

    Here are the questions that you should be thinking about – and I’ll be asking – at this stage:

    • Who is traveling (age, nationality, background, etc)?
    • When do you want to travel?
    • What is the purpose of the trip?
    • What are your personal interests?
    • How do you like to travel – full touring days or a more relaxed pace?
    • Would you prefer lots of hotels and lots of moving around? Or a relaxing stay in fewer places?
    • What kind of accommodation do you prefer (location, style, facilities)?
    • How many guided days? And how many days for exploring on your own?
    • Are there any special requests or considerations that should be incorporated?

    Once the basics are agreed, it’s time to start talking about a draft itinerary!

    Step #2: Calculating Trip Costs

    With all these details penciled in, we’ll be able to prepare a formal proposal – with detailed private trip costs and all the services included in our package. Usually, hotels are the largest part of the price… so we can work with you to pick the right accommodation options to stay within your budget. In any planning session, we’ll always give you a few options to work with!

    Step #3: Booking the Trip

    So, the itinerary is done. The pricing is done. Now it’s time to begin the process of booking the actual Balkan or Bulgaria private tour. This will typically take one to three weeks. In some cases, a particular hotel might not be available – we’ll always notify you though, and discuss alternatives while keeping within the approved budget.

    When it’s all done, we’ll contact you again to confirm the final itinerary for the custom Balkan tour!

    To reserve your tour, you’ll need to put down 20% of the total tour cost in the form of a deposit. Payments can be made by bank transfer to the company bank account, and with this done you’ll be s step ahead from your Balkan Adventure. You can simply pay the remainder of the money at the beginning of your tour in cash or via wire transfer at least 30 days before the tour starting date.

    Step #4: Getting Ready for the Trip

    Approximately one month before the private Balkan or Bulgaria tour, we’ll talk to you again to run through a final review of the itinerary. To find out anything else about how the process works, or to get started planning your own tour, you simply need to get in touch. Keep in mind that we are team of professional private tour guides and depending on your interests and dates one of the team members will be assigned to your group. You can the list of our Balkan Travel Specialists here. 

    Cancellation Policy

    • Cancel one-day tours at least 30 days in advance for a full refund, or at least 14 days before the starting date for a 50% refund.
    • For multi-day tours, cancel 2 months before the tour starting date for a full refund, or 1 month for a 50% refund. For cancelations up to 30 days before the tour date, the deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations need our email confirmation.

    For more information read our terms and conditions 

    Any questions? Or perhaps you’re ready to book your tour of the Balkans or Bulgaria’s hidden treasures! Whatever you need to know, we are looking forward to hearing from you.