Seven Rila Lakes

Custom Hiking Tours to the Seven Rila Lakes

The lakes at Rila are one of the most celebrated natural sites in Bulgaria. Come with me on a tour of the seven Rila Lakes, and you’ll soon see why! Combining natural beauty with superb potential for water sports, it’s sure to make for a memorable tour.

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You’ll always be the boss. You can tailor everything to suit your taste and interests – from locations, destinations and pick-up points, through to every activity we do along the way.
My tours are built on knowledge, experience and professionalism. I’ll be proud to show you some of the finest hidden treasures of my country.
We’ll travel in a private tour bus, complete with a professional driver. I’ll be available to answer all your questions, or share insights along the way!
My tours are competitively priced… and I’ll also be glad to create something that fits inside your budget.

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The area of the Seven Rila Lakes comprises an expanse with seven lakes scattered around, and three peaks rising to surround the area, seeming to protect the resplendent landscape. We can explore the area as a day trip from any city in the country or to spend more days enjoying the mountain beauty. If you want to discover the area of Seven Rila lakes I can organize a self-guided hiking tour for you. Just talk to me now and let me design your perfect mountain trip! 

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More about the Seven Rila Lakes

Rila boasts a locality unique for beauty and pristineness, the Seven Rila Lakes. Legend has it that long ago, a couple of giants, man and woman, lived there, in complete harmony and love. They cherished each other, and evil forces envied them, so they killed the man. The woman mourned him bitterly, she cried her heart out, and her tears formed the lakes.

These lakes have glacial origin and lie between 2,095 and 2,535 meters high. Small rivulets connect the lakes, and here and there waterfalls embellish the transitions from lake to lake. The names derive from their shape, so the Tear, the Eye, the Kidney, the Three-Leaf, the Twin, and the Fish lakes, together with the Lower Lake, attract first when their names are heard. Their sight is much more attractive, as people go from lake to lake, around lie vast grass expanses, and the uphill path challenges to reach lake after lake. From the Lower Lake, a larger stream joins the Dzhurman river.

The deepest lake, the Eye, reaches 37.5 meters in depth. The clearest water is seen in the Tear. The Twin is the largest area lake. The peculiarity which served for the Twin Lake’s name is that in periods of drought it is divided into two parts. The Lower Lake is the shallowest. There, by its shore, the Seven Lakes lodge offers hospitality. Up on the hill, the newer and larger Rila Lakes lodge offers more accommodation. The distance between the two lodges is less than 2 kilometers.

The locality always invites with summer or winter setting. In summer, the lake water is still, quiet and clear. When storms start, they darken. In winter, the lakes surface freezes and is covered with snow. Some lakes have fish, such as trout, but not many, as the mountain water is rather cold. The water in the lakes is supplied by snow melting and rainfall.

On August 19, the Seven Rila lakes welcome the gathering of the White Brotherhood members, followers of Peter Deunov. Their ritual dances are performed with dedication and joy near the Kidney Lake, as the sun rises. The dancers are high spirited, dressed in white, their movements merge with nature’s harmony. Deunov’s followers specially come for August 19 for the celebrations. They put up tents and prepare for the event. The sight of their dancing movements and their dedication is unique.