Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided Tours in Bulgaria

Do you like the idea of planning your own adventures? Do you love your independence, but don’t want to be totally on your own?
If you love to travel independently but would appreciate a little help and inspiration to make it all happen, then my self-guided tours are just the ticket.

So What is a ‘Self-Guided Tour’ Exactly?

My self-guided walking tours, cycling tours, camping, hiking and cultural tours around Bulgaria come with all the benefits offered on my usual tour packages.

You’ll get a fun-packed itinerary of carefully selected activities and excursions.
You’ll get a selection of the best restaurants, hotels and destinations.
You’ll have an experienced, official private tour guide in Bulgaria…
But on these tours, you get to be the guide!
You’ll never be on your own with my self-guided tours of Bulgaria –
I’ll take care of all the logistics for you – but you’ll be calling the shots and riding at your own pace.

Don’t worry, I’m just handing over the documents, tickets and organization of your trip to Bulgaria. We’ll work together to plan just the perfect trip and all the itinerary and details will be ready when you arrive in the country. Before you arrive at the start of your tour I will meet you, welcoming you, explain you everything in details and present you with a comprehensive information package: the route, the highlights, hotel vouchers, travel tickets and restaurant recommendations. I’ll break the tour down for you, and give you all the information you’ll need to make sure that your self-guided tour is a complete success! And after that? It’s up to you.

The self-guided tours in Bulgaria give you the freedom of the traveling, but the certainty that you are not alone on the road. Just tel me what you want to explore around Bulgaria or the Balkans – touristic sights, festivals, customs and traditions, nature, local cuisine and wine, the hidden beaches and mountain spots, the arts and crafts or just to know more about how the Bulgarian live. I will help you to discover it all on the best way. 

Why Choose a Self-Guided Tour in Bulgaria?

A self guided tour includes all the features that have made my regular tours so exciting and successful. By handing over the reigns to you though, there are a number of advantages you’ll be able to enjoy. You’ll have absolute freedom and independence, while still benefitting from my years of experience at planning tours in this part of the world. By not taking a guide, you’ll also find the price for my self-guided packages is somewhat lower – they’re perfect for independent, confident people who are travelling on a budget!

Totally Flexible and Fully Customised

You can start your tour from wherever – and whenever – you like. You can finish wherever it suits you, too. These self-guided tours offer unparalleled freedom for you… just be sure to contact me early though, as dates often book up fast!

A More Authentic Experience

A lot of people say they interact more with the locals on a self-guided tour… no matter whether it’s a new friend you meet in a café, or even stopping to ask directions at the roadside! Without a tour guide, you’ll typically find you spend more time speaking to people outside of your group.

And I’m always there, if you need me – I’ll be in the same country, and only a phone call away.

Do Whatever You Want!

On a self-guided tour of Bulgaria, you’ll be able to do what you want – when you want. Decide you absolutely love the hotel you’re in? Then stay another night! Miss the food from that restaurant you visited two nights back? You could even turn around if you want, and revisit the town again. It’s all up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How flexible is a self-guided tour in terms of itinerary?

All of my itineraries are completely flexible, and tailored around the interests and level of ability in your group. I’ll work hard to keep everything inside your budget, too. My self-guided tours are no different, allowing you to enjoy a fully versatile and personally tailored, flexible tour itinerary.

How affordable are these self-guided tours?

My self guided tours are significantly cheaper than a tour that includes a guide. Typically, you’ll be looking at something like $1000 per person for a 7-day trip. Compare that to the approximate cost of a guided trip: anything from $1,500 to $3,500.

What kind of support do you offer on a self-guided trip?

I’ll always meet you when you arrive – we’ll sit down, have a coffee, and talk through the plans for your tour! I’ll leave you with all the information you need in order to get to the destinations on your itinerary. You’re never alone though, as throughout your tour I’ll only be a phone call away.

How do you create and plan the routes?

Just the same as my regular tours, when you book a self-guided tour of Bulgaria I will always work hard to present you with a range of different options – choose from a selection of hotels, restaurants, excursions and activities. Every tour will be carefully assembled to meet the needs, interests, comforts and tastes of you and your group.