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Nessebar is a true cultural treasure, and an essential stop for anybody interested in uncovering the glorious history of the ancient Bulgarian Empire. With so much rich history on offer though, the best way to experience the magic is by visiting with a professional guide – so talk to me now, and let’s start planning your own unforgettable trip to Nessebar!

For your guided trip to Nessebar, Bulgaria, I can pick you up from anywhere in the country. It’ll be easy to plan a day trip to Nessebar from the nearby beach resorts: from Burgas, Varna, Sunny Beach or Golden Sands. Alternatively, you could include a visit to Nessebar on the itinerary for a longer, multi-day tour around Bulgaria!

Custom tour to Nessebar
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You’ll hear all about the local folklore, too. On your day tour to Nessebar I’ll tell you about the history of the port, about the ancient Greek colony who settled here, the conquering Byzantines and the arrival of the first Bulgarian settlers. I can even tell you about the local vampire legends!

Walking through the winding streets of this picturesque, coastal citadel, you’ll see ornate churches dating back to the 14th century… and even some structures that go back as far as the 5th century. As your local guide, I’ll be able to tell you all about the history of this ancient city. We’ll explore the Old Town area, stopping off for tasty local food, good Bulgarian wines, or to admire traditional arts and handicrafts.

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More about Nessebar

Nessebar prides itself on its ancient town area. Its history is long, since the sixth century BC. First Thracian, then Roman ground, it boasted high fortress walls, and inside large public buildings. It minted its own coins. Gradually Christian temples, basilicas, were built. They followed the prototypes in Constantinople. Now the ancient Nessebar is part of UNESCO’s heritage sites. The road to it leads along a narrow stretch, 400 meters long, with the remains of an old windmill as part of the unique backdrop. The town’s present mill forms a complex with a modern hotel. 

The ancient buildings and churches merit attention. The streets are narrow, a host of street vendors offer souvenirs. Eateries invite for meals and rest. The museums are five. Formerly there were around 42 churches in the ancient part, but less than half were excavated and preserved. Only one is active now. The better conserved churches serve as picture galleries.

The area is an architectural reserve. The churches conserved comprise the Saint Stefan, from the tenth century, the Saint Spass, from the seventeenth century, etc. The central church, Saint Sophia, spans 25 meters in length; formerly featuring a floor covered with diversely colored pebbles, dates far back to the fifth century. Saint Spass treasured the tombstone of a Byzantine princess.

Now the tombstone is in the town’s archeological museum. The Saint Stefanchurch in Nessebar, with murals painted in 1599, comprises 258 compositions in total depicting over 1,000 figures, and an originally styled iconostasis, is a museum site. Near it is Nessebar’s amphitheater.

For delving into the ethnography, the Ethnographic Museum invites. The building it is housed in, in the late Bulgarian revival style, was owned by an affluent merchant. It is in two stories. The windows look on the sea. Inside the museum, the salon features a woodcarved ceiling. The local national costumes exhibited shine in a colorful palette.Nessebar, Bulgaria

Combining tours in Nessebar with sunbathing and aquatic activities is great. Furthermore, annual festivals invite to add variety. The Constellations in Nessebar is an international art festival. For kids, the festival entitled “Sun – Joy – Beauty” is organized. Honey fans will enjoy the Honey festival in the end of August and beginning of September. A pop rock fest complements the diversity. Naturally, the town’s special holiday, August 15, features high, as the Day of Nessebar, when Annunciation of Holy Mother is commemorated.

Local cuisine should be sampled, with diverse dishes, among which fish is prominent. Fishermen provide fresh fish which is unsurpassed in scrumptiousness, grilled or fried. The holiday in Nessebar can be combined with sunbathing and diverse activities in the close by Sunny Beach resort, where modern hotels with amenities and recreation and entertainment opportunities invite right by the beach.