Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo

Day Trip to Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo

Take a tour to the back in time and the old Bulgarian Villages and the beauty of Rhodope mountains. Beside the incredible scenery of the region, Kovachevitsa, Leshten and Ognyanovo will impress you with their authentic Bulgarian architecture and atmosphere.

Talk to me now and let me create the best guided or self-guided day tour from Sofia to the Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten.

The guided tours are available from Sofia, Plovdiv, Bansko and Borovets. For more information see the detailed schedule bellow

At a Glance

Total Distance:
From Sofia: 440 km
From Plovdiv: 296 km
From Bansko: 128 km
From Borovets: 360 km
Tour Duration: Full Day
Best period: All year
Price:  Depends on your personal needs and preferences


  • Kovachevitsa is an authentic Bulgarian village, which preserves a variety of architecture types
  •  You will get closer to the local life in Bulgaria
  • Having lunch in traditional restaurant in Kovachevitsa
  • Get closer to life of local people in the village of Starosel
  • The true charm and attractiveness of those villages are due to its authentic look preserved since the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries

Detailed Program

09:00 Pick up from your hotel
 Transfer to Rhodope mountains
 Transfer to Leshten and Ognyanovo
Visit Kovachevitsa
Sto for lunch in traditional restaurant
Transfer back to your accommodation

Good to Know

Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is recommended
Bring sun protection cream, because the sun is stronger in the mountain.
Wearing hat and sunglasses is recommended
Don’t forget your camera and wide lense

More About Leshten Village

The village of Leshten is ancient, with well preserved old style houses. It is one of the gems of architecture in the southwest Bulgaria, in the Blagoevgrad region. Information on it was included in ethnographic materials in the nineteenth century, and its appeal due to the architecture of the village houses was underscored.

Many of the old houses in Leshten have been restored. The restorative works have been conducted carefully, taking account of the old style, and endeavoring to preserve it in the best shape. Many such restored houses have become rest homes, and tourists willing to get first hand information on the village architectural preciousness are welcomed.

Owing to the unique style of the village, with its authentic houses which retain the spirit of past times, Leshten is often chosen for filming by directors shooting feature films. For music videos, the charm of Leshten is also a great backdrop.

Kovachevitsa in Details

In the region of Blagoevgrad, in southwest Bulgaria, lies the Kovachevitsa village. The mountainous area of the west Rhodope lends its charm to the locality. The nearest town is Gotse Delchev, 24 kilometers away. Kovachevitsa is also 5 kilometers away from the Gorno Dryanovo village.  The Kanina river flows through the valley, supplying water to the arable land.

The true charm and attractiveness of Kovachevitsa are due to its authentic look preserved since the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries. The houses in the village are almost entirely made of stone, and it is interesting that the roofs are from stone slabs too. Only the highest houses have their ast storeys made of wood. Kovachevitsa is an architectural reserve, boasting the beauty of Revival period architecture which must be seen to understand what masters lived in the Revival period and how durable their houses are, standing now firm and impressive with their unique style.

More About Ognyanono

Ognyanovo is a small village in southwest Bulgaria, in the Blagoevgrad region. But it is a famed and great balneological center, healing many diseases, functioning since 1961. Ognyanovo lies on the right bank of the Kanina river. The Rhodope mountain starts its slopes nearby, with the Dubrash hill. Besides the Rhodope, the Pirin mountain is in the vicinity too. Both mountains exude beauty and grandeur, welcome with forests, glades, springs, lakes.

To reach Ognyanovo, people can travel from Gotse Delchev, the nearest town, 12 kilometers away. It has been established that in ancient times the Ognyanovo site was at the bottom of a fresh water lake.

The balneological center of Ognyanovo features a large mineral spring called Miroto. The springs are seven in number, with low mineral content, clear and without any smell. It heals a number of complaints and diseases. To the northeast is a second group of mineral springs.


Private tour! No other tourists!
My tours include a dedicated driver, giving me guide more time to spend with you
All taxes and entrance fees included in the price
Breaks and photo stops at your convenience
I’m always willing to go the extra mile to make your tour a success
Pick-up/ Drop off from your hotel


  • Transfer with mini van

Entrance fees
All transportation costs along the route, fuel, VAT and parking fees
Licensed tour guide and driver
Pickup and drop off from your hotel


Food and drinks
Tips and gratuities
Personal expenses