Rila Mountain

Hiking in Rila Mountain

For your seamless vacation in the Rila mountain in Bulgaria you can rely on my expertise as a guide. Besides the private guiding service which will meet all your needs, I will organize your transportation to Rila, selecting the most convenient transport to make the ride easy and short.

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Furthermore, to discover and hiking Rila’s beauty by touring its picturesque gems of spots, you will need my guiding and trekking experience. I have toured all the spots which are musts to see in Rila, and I will be happy to show them to you. Thus you will make the most of your visit to Bulgaria and to Rila mountain in particular.

I want to show you the best of my country and Rila mountain and to make you fall in love with the Bulgarian nature. Because is beautiful, truly amazing! Do you want to go hiking in Rila mountain for a day, two, three, for a week or more, doesn’t mater! All I need is to know what you want to see and I will build the best hiking trip in Rila, Bulgaria around your interests.

For those who would like to do self-guided hiking tours in Rila, I can offer all the itineraries that are worth following. Rila has a host of beauty in its folds, and I am waiting to reveal it to connoisseurs of mountain grandeur.

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My Favorite Hiking Tours in Rila

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More about HIking the Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

The most notable place to visit during your hiking trip in Rila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Rila Monastery. The monastery is a veritable fortress of Bulgarian history and culture, an ancient monastery in unique surroundings, founded by a hermit who is one of the most revered in Bulgaria. Besides the monastery, its architecture, its wood carved cross with elaborate decoration which is a masterpiece, you can visit some of the mountain chalets high up in the mountain, with pristine surroundings and reached via paths through pine forests or across rocks or bare lands.

You can start trekking in Rila mountain from the Rila monastery or finish your route there. The location of the top Bulgarian landmark allows combination of different trekking routes, passing through the Seven Rila lakes, Skakavitsa waterfall and many other beautiful places in Rila mountain, Bulgaria. Also, if you don’t have enough free time for trekking, you can do the Seven Rila lakes and the Rila monastery in one day. 

The hiking trip to Musala, the highest peak in Rila mountain and on the Balkan Peninsula, is a challenge to scale. It rises to 2,925 meters, and on the way to the peak where a meteo station is located you can see the highest lake in the entire Balkans territory. That is the Ledeno (Icy) lake.

In Rila mountain, Bulgaria, Borovets is the mountain resort to choose for its plethora of amenities and its proximity to beautiful spots, mountain chalets, where having herb tea and immersing in the serenity and grandeur of nature are unrivaled pleasures. Borovets is also a staring point for hiking in Rila mountain, the most popular which is the hiking route to Musala peak.

In Central Rila mountain, I recommend visiting the Smradlivo lake, a great destination for hiking tours in Rila mountain. It belongs with the abundance of lakes and springs which dot Rila. Another area replete with lakes is the Seven Rila Lakes locality, a vast valley where the seven lakes in different shapes are located at different heights. The beauty of the locality and the unique accommodation at the two chalets, the older of them by one of the lakes, attract all fans of mountain beauty.

Another spot I can wholeheartedly recommend in Rila mountain, Bulgaria is the Karpatnik reserve, the oldest Bulgarian reserve, lying in the southwest of the mountain. These are just some of the spots and nooks I can show you during our hiking tour in Rila, Bulgaria.