Balkan Mountain Range

Hiking the Balkan Mountain Range (Stara Planina)

The Balkan mountains (Stara planina) is a long mountain spanning the middle of the country which has a host of beautiful spots. I know what to show you, organize the fullest trekking possible according to the length of your stay, and arrange your transportation.

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The Balkan mountain is s long stretch of hills, ridges, peaks, all of them hiding spots, pristine ones, busy chalets, majestic peaks. You should take advantage of my experience in trekking in the area.

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More about Balkan Mountain (Stara Planina)

Trekking in the west of the mountain will enable me to take you to the Kom peak, 2,016 meters high, and to the Midzhur peak, 2,168 meters high. The valley of the Iskar river is another must to see. We can trek through mountain passes and then up the mountain. In this area, the lowlands are prevalent, and the mean height is not large. But there are a host of sites to explore, especially the Belogradchik rocks, and the Ledenika cave near Vratsa where concerts are held owing to the great acoustics.

In the mid region of the Balkan mountain, the ridge is high, and it boasts the mountain’s highest peak Botev, 2,376 meters. Levski, 2,166 meters, is another peak worth scaling. The mountain towns of Karlovo and Kalofer are worthy starting points for trekking up, especially from Kalofer to Botev, where on the way we will enjoy the sight of a waterfall. Elena is a mountain town huddled in the folds of the hills from which the Chumerna peak can be reached.

I can also show you the east part of the Balkan mountain, descending to the sea at the Emine cape. There the gems of mountain towns, Sliven, Kotel, as well as Zheravna, a village and an architectural reserve, can serve as the trekking starting points. Kotel is famed for carpet making. When reaching the edge of the mountain descending towards the Black Sea, it is a must to enjoy the valley of the Kamchia river. Shumen is a town which is the starting point for trekking across the plateau lying over it, with ancient monastic cells in the rocks amid the forests. Yet another of my favorite starting points for exploring the mountain here is Gabrovo, a town near the Uzana locality from where we can reach the historic Shipka peak.