Rhodopes Mountains

Hiking the Phodope Mountains, Bulgaria

The Rhodope is a welcoming green mountain in the south of Bulgaria, offering unforgettable trekking. For your convenience, I can organize your transportation and accommodation. I can also provide the full private guiding you need to help you discover all beauties and notable spots steeped in history.

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Explore the Rhodope, with my guided hiking tours or self guided trips I can design for you. I can organize all tours and hikes you would like to take in the Rhodope mountain, Bulgaria. I know well the localities, peaks, modern resorts and all other places that should be reached, and I can organize your itineraries around.


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More about Rhodope Mountains

We can start either from Plovdiv, the most common starting point for treks in the Rhodope, or from Smolyan, a peculiar charming town. There are a host of places related to our history and culture, and the local cuisine is another feature you can discover with my help.

From Plovdiv we can reach Pamporovo, an outstanding mountain resort attractive in wintertime and in summer. For the purpose we can get to Hrabrino, a common starting point from where the Vruhovruh locality can be reached. Then we can take the trek to Pamporovo. From the resort, there are a host of spots to reach, including a trek to the Snezhanka peak over the resort.

Another town from where to immerse in the mountain’s greenery and rolling verdant slopes is Chepelare. From Chepelare we can take treks to both Pamporovo and to Smolyan. Smolyan has a peculiar location, it stretches to unite three former villages. Everywhere the pine forests delight with their greenery. In the autumn the differently colored tree leaves of deciduous trees form a profusion that begs to be snapped. Smolyan deserves separate mentioning as a location, as it shows off local cuisine and customs, but also owing to the Smolyan lakes, near the town, a locality from which treks can go up the mountain.

Trekking in the Rhodopes would not be a complete experience without scaling its highest peak, Golyam Perelik, 2,191 meters. As for the nature wonders, we should not miss the Chudnite Mostove rock formations, whose name is translated as Wonderful Bridges. The formations are enormous and bridge shaped. Their marble stone backs are large, the larger one spanning 15 meters in its widest section. The larger bridge is about 100 meters long, and the smaller one is 60 meters long.

Trekking up in the mountain from there we can pass along the remains of an ancient Roman road. Not far is also another challenging peak, Persenk, 2,091 meters, a pyramid shaped one, and its smaller “sibling” Little Persenk, 2,074 meters. Bachkovo, with its monastery, and the Krustova Gora locality near the town of Luky, are also spots I wholeheartedly recommend.

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