Wakeboard in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Wakeboard 

If you plan to visit Sofia, Bulgaria during the summer months, the has to show you a lot more than only a history and urban enviroment. Hiking, cycling, treasure hunting and even water sports. Actually one of the best wakeboard parks in Bulgaria is located just half an hour away from the Sofia city center. Thats why the wake park in Sofia is great option to diversify your stay in the capital.

I can organize a day tour to the wakeboarding park, or to include it as a part from your private tour in Bulgaria.

No previous experience or special technique is required.

It’s easiest to reach the Kazichane wakepark in Sofia… but on one of my tours, I’ll be happy to pick you up from wherever you are in the area! We can plan a day trip to the wake park Sofia, or we could even feature it as one stop on a longer, multi-day tour of Bulgaria.

Come and learn how to wakeboard or improve your self during our wake workshop

If you are some fo our wakeboard addicted clients join our wakeboard week in Bulgaria.


The wakeboard park Kazichene is located within 30 min car ride from Bulgarian capital Sofia. The facilities include restaurant with open terrace, rental shop for gear and an open bar. It allows wake boarders of all levels to build up  and progress their skills.  For beginners there is always a great opportunity to spend  some time just cursing around the obstacles  and for advanced and pro riders there are some pretty interesting features, that are getting updated yearly. The park spot lays outside the city, nature atmosphere and friendly attitude will make your wakeboarding in Bulgaria an unforgettable experience.

Talk to me now and start planning your Bulgaria wakeboarding tour.