Try Bungee Jumping in Bulgaria

Try Bungee Jumping in Bulgaria

Combine your vacation of exploring beautiful natural spots with bungee jumping in Bulgaria. These are the most popular bungee locations in Bulgaria:

  • Vitinya – 120m (not working in season 2019-2020)
  • Klisura – 70m
  • Asparuhov Most – 52m
  • Prohodna – 42м

And 6 more! We provide the right transportation and accommodation, and can include a bungee jump in your private tour around Bulgaria. Other extreme sports, like skydiving, paragliding, rafting etc. ara available with us.

Bungee Season

April to November is a large time span for you to be able to choose. The autumn in Bulgaria is mild and warm, so then you have the added advantage of watching the trees in a multicolor palette.

Bungee Locations in Bulgaria

218km from Sofia, Stambolov bridge in Veliko Tarnovo, in the middle of Bulgaria, is only 28m high. The town itself is picturesque, steeped in history and boasting an old part with picture perfect old houses.

68km from Sofia, another good choice is the bridge over the Yantra river, in Gabrovo, a small distance away from Veliko Tarnovo, and 204km away from Sofia. It is slightly higher, at 30m. Near Sofia, the bridge by the Bunovo village is also 30m high and used for bungee jumps.

197km from Sofia there is a city called Vidin, the Danube Bridge 2 is there, which is 50m high.

524km from Sofia, on the  the seaside, in Varna city, the Asparuhov Bridge is expecting you, over the Varna Lake. Its height is 52m.

383km from Sofia, in the south, near Burgas, in the Kovach locality there is a bridge 55m high, also popular with bungee jumpers.

365km from Sofia you can face your next challenge, with the bridge by the Pisanec river, 65m high. It is near the Danubian town of Ruse.

109km from Sofia you can jump from Klisura bridge, 70m high. It is a very good choice, as Klisura is near both the capital Sofia and Plovdiv. Besides, this is an area bustling with history and beautiful spots.

43km from Sofia, the highes bungee spot in Bulgaria – Vitinya! What about jumping from 120m? You can do that by booking a jump from the Vitinya bridge near Sofia. T

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