Go Skydiving in Bulgaria

Go Skydiving in Bulgaria

We offer solo and tandem skydiving in Bulgaria. Closest dropzone to Sofia is called Ihtiman, it is just 1hr driving from Sofia.

Why not include a parachute jump in Bulgaria in your private tour? Add a pinch of adrenaline to your holiday in Bulgaria – go parachuting!

The offer includes transportation, English speaking guide, training and equipment.

We can also combine several activities in a day or multi-day tour.

Send us your requirements and we will provide a free price estimate.

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Parachute jumping (skydiving), and piloting in Bulgaria

The sky has been a challenge many people would like to meet and prove their skills to soar, equal to birds. For the purpose you do not need to be a pilot. You must simply chose from tempting extreme sports: parachute jumping, skydiving, as it is called to explain how excited you will feel in the air!

Parachute jumping

Let us know in advance, if your weight is over 100 kilograms, or height is more then 2 meters. Another requirement is the minimum age: 14 years at least.

You must be in good health, if your blood pressure tends to be high, better consult a doctor prior to booking a jump.

On the day of the jump, it is essential not to have a runny nose, because that can impair your breathing, because you will sharply drop from a high altitude,

What the instructor will teach you before the jump

Wear comfortable clothes. No jewellery for ladies, please. Light colored clothes are not a good idea either, because any soiling will be easily noticeable.

Your shoes should be thick-soled, and if possible put on high shoes or boots which protect your ankles as well.

Ready to “dive in the sky”?

A tandem jump is a good choice, you will jump together with an instructor.
The height for these jumps is between 3,000 and 4,000.
Free fall 50-60 seconds, total jump time about five minutes.
In tandem jumps the instructor does all the things needed, and will also control and guide you for the landing.

You will have all the arrangements done for you, for parachute jumping

We will provide you with an English speaking guide with vehicle, and will do all the booking and other arrangements for you.

Bulgaria abounds in beautiful places, spots, nooks, so combine your extreme experiences with getting to know it. You will certainly leave enriched and rewarded, and will be ready to visit our country again, for more experiences, picture snapping, tours and hikes.