Day Tours from Borovets

Day Tours from Borovets

Borovets is truly amazing place with plenty of things to do as skiing, winter tekking, clubbing,  etc.. But sometimes all those are not enough to satisfy the curiosity of a true adventurer, isn’t it? So, if you are thirsty for different kind of adventures, full of history, magic, wine, local customs and lots of fun, join me on a private day tour from Borovets to some of the most fascinating sights in Bulgaria. There is no schedule for the tours, which means that every day I can organize the private day tour from Borovets you like. You want to visit Rila monastery from Borovets, Sofia or why not both together? No problem! My day tour from Borovets are built all around you. Because this is your holiday after all.

Why you should book a day tour from Borovets with me?

I’m offering competitive rates and discounts
My tour are private. You can choose to travel alone, with friends or strangers.
All day tours from Borovets could be organized every day of the year to every place you like to visit in Bulgaria.
My tours include a local driver/guide who will answer all you questions during the day tour from Borovets.
On a day tour from Borovets you can visit not only an exact location, but a local festivals and become a part of the local life.
I have extensive local knowledge and can show you the local insights that most people miss!
I’m always willing to go the extra mile to make your tour a success

So talk to me now, and start planning your own day tour from Borovets! Just let me know what your tastes are, and I’ll be happy to customize the perfect tour to interest you and your friends. 

Please, keep in mind that the example day tours from Borovets you’ll find bellow are far away of all destinations, places and festivals I can show you. Just send me a quote about the places you want to visit and I’ll do my best to bring you there. 

Day tour from Plovdiv to Sofia

Stroll Through the Bulgarian Capital Sofia

This great day tour from Borovets will take you to the capital of Bulgaria and its most interesting sights. After the walking city tour of Sofia we’ll take a look to Boyana church and have lunch in a traditional restaurant before we get back to Borovets. […]


 Day tour from Borovets to Plovdiv

Visit Plovdiv In the Footsteps of the Romans

Your adventure in Bulgaria is not complete without visiting the European Capital of culture – Plovdiv. On a day trip from Borovets to Plovdiv you will explore the rich Bulgarian history and the oldest city in Europe found in 2nd century AD. Also you will see the […]


Day tour from Borovets to Rila monastery and Stob's pyramids

Explore the Fascinating Rila Monastery

Visit the most magical place in Bulgaria – the Rila Monastery and the amazing Stob’s pyramids in one day with this full day trip from Borovets. Even in the winter you will fall in love with those places, because the history you will find there will blow your mind away[…]


Day tour from Borovets to Melnik

The Wine Lovers Tour

Nature, local life and wine. What a perfect combination which will turn your day tour from Borovets into real tasty adventure. Explore the delicious Bulgarian flavors and become a part of the local life in the small town in Bulgaria. […]


Rila monastery and Melnik day tour

Visit Rila Monastery and the wine capital of Bulgaria – Melnik

During this trip from Sofia you will be able to visit both the Top Bulgarian landmark – Rila monastery and to become a part of the local life in the mountain village called Melnik. There you will try a variety of special Bulgarian wines that can be found only here and nowhere else in the world.[…]


Hiking Trip to Musala Peak in Rila Mountain

If you want to hike the highest top on the Balkan peninsula, this full day hiking trip is just for you. The trekking is good also for beginners, so do not be scared and explore the beauty of the Bulgarian mountains with us. […]


hiking day tour to the seven rila lakes

Hiking Day Trip to the Seven Rila Lakes

If you like the mountains you will absolutely fall in love with Rila mountain and its amazing lakes and rivers. Trekking through the sacred land of the Seven Rila lakes will make you become close to the nature and its powerful beauty[…]


Winter Hiking Bulgaria

Winter Trekking in Rila Mountain

If you are adventurer enough and the snow makes you feel on the place you belong to this winter trekking day from Borovets is just for you. All you need to hike the highest top on the Balkan peninsula is proper winter equipment, adventurer spirit and[…]


Freeride tour from Borovets

Freeride Day Tour from Borovets

If you are full of energy, in love with the snow and the ski slopes seem too boring for you this freeride day tour in Bulgaria is your ticket. Enjoy the some of the greatest freeride sports on the Balkans and[…]


From Sofia to Koprivshtitsa and Starosel

Relaxing SPA Day After a Day on the Slopes

This Sofia day tour will brings you closer to the Bulgarian history and local life in the ancient villages. Those three villages are situated close to each other, between the beautiful mountains Rila and Rhodopes. Both of them exude beauty and grandeur, welcome with forests, glades, springs, lakes. […]


More about Borovets

Borovets got its name from the pine forests, as “bor” means “pine” in Bulgarian. It is the oldest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The first villa was built there in 1896. The resort is near the capital and it is convenient to reach. The altitude of the area is 1,350meters. Sofia is 70 kilometers away. Just 10 kilometers away is the nearest town, Samokov. Two times, in 1981 and 1984, Borovets was the venue for World Cup alpine skiing competitions.

Borovets is an outstanding mountain resort, located near Sofia, in the stunningly magnificent Rila mountain. Accommodation in Borovets is available in upscale hotels. The Borovets Skiing facilities ensure the needed conditions for skiing in winter. The Rila mountain around offers lots of other opportunities for visiting unique places too. Skiing in Borovets can be alternated with trips and hikes. Nearby is the highest peak in Bulgaria, Musala, 1925 km high. It is a challenge to climb, especially in winter. The Musala peak has a meteorological station on top. There is a convenient shortcut from Borovets to Musala, about 10 kilometers long. Tourists can also take a gondola lift to the Yastrebets locality and then continue on foot to Musala.

There are many Borovets day trips running daily from the resort. One of the most famous Borovets day trips is the one to the Seven Rila Lakes is a locality unrivaled in beauty. They are located in a stepwise arrangement and linked by rivulets. In the locality is an old style chalet. The lake water is crystal clear. 

Another must seen place you can visit on a Day tour from Borovets is Sofia – the Bulgaria capital. There you can visit some of the most famous landmarks in Bulgaria, go shopping or explore the crazy Sofia nightlife. If you like history we can recommend you to visit the European capital of culture – Plovdiv or Rila monastery from Borovets