Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten

Custom Tours – Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten

If you want to get to know the real Bulgaria, then a traditional village tour is a must! On a tour to Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo or Leshten, we’ll see architecture dating back to the 18th century. Ornate wooden buildings, fine cuisine and beautiful rolling hills make for a truly magical tour.

Some benefits of my tours to Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten:

I offer a fully customisable tour to my customers. Tell me what your interests are, and I’ll put together the perfect itinerary!
My tours offer a unique insider perspective on Bulgaria. With my experience and local knowledge, I’ll be able to show you some real hidden gems along the way.
In order to give you my full attention, we’ll have a professional driver in charge of our comfortable, modern tour bus!
I offer my Bulgaria tours at affordable rates… and I’ll always be happy to work with whatever budget you’ve got in mind.

Here you will find some ideas for tour to the villages of Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten:

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Custom tour includes the Bulgairan villages Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten

Visit the authentic Bulgarian villages as a day trip or as a part of your multi-day tour around the country. I can organize guided tour as well I can design a self-guided adventures if you want to discover the area by yourself. So why not get in touch with me today? Just send me a message, and let’s start planning your tour to these beautiful, historic Balkan villages.


So why not get in touch with me today?

Just send me a message, and let’s start planning your tour to these beautiful, historic Balkan villages.



More about Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten

In the southwest corner of Bulgaria, three villages merit special visits: Kovachevitsa, Ognyanovo and Leshten.

Kovachevitsa can be reached from the town of Gotse Delchev. It lies on the Kanina river. That is an area which introduces visitors to the authentic atmosphere of Bulgarian villages in the 18th and the 19th centuries. Its houses are built entirely of stone, including the roofs. Only the highest houses have their last floors made of wood.

The village is a beautiful architectural reserve which transports visitors into old times. The water fountains and springs, which total to over 15 in number, the vast pastures and the rich surroundings, a plethora of herbs and diverse species of vegetation, contribute to the pleasure of visiting Kovachevitsa. The setting invites for film shooting, and a number of films have been shot in the village.

Nearby Ognyanovo is 12 km away from Gotse Delchev. It is in the initial slopes of the Rhodope mountain. The rolling hills in the locality are covered with ample vegetation. The fame of Ognyanovo is due to its mineral springs thanks to which it has become an important balneological center. The locality near the village, half a kilometer away, boasts a group of several mineral springs. The water temperature is 35 to 39.5 degrees Centigrade, and its mineralization is low. There is another group of mineral springs a kilometer and a half away, in another locality, with a temperature of 14 degrees Centigrade. The mineral waters of all the springs are clear, containing sulfate, sodium, silicon, and fluorine. They are auspicious for bathing, and treat a host of complaints.

Another village in the area, Leshten, also boasts ancient houses, well preserved. The eye meets the view of the steep slopes dotted with houses built in the style that is seen in nearby Kovachevitsa. Its church dates from 1833. Recently there has been a host of innovation of the old houses, but their authentic architectural style has been preserved. They function as rest houses for tourists. The unique atmosphere created by the houses invites film crews to shoot films there, and music videos also benefit from being shot in Leshten. In all seasons staying in Leshten can be rewarding, thanks to the opportunities for activities according to tourists’ tastes.

They can engage in hunting and fishing, swimming and balneological treatment. In the mountain, herbs and mushrooms can be gathered. Worth visiting in the area is the “Tumnata Gora” reserve, the rock formations and the canyon of the Kanina river. Besides visits to Kovachevitsa, 12 km away and the nearby Ognyanovo, tourists can also take a trip to the Rozhen monastery. Leshten is 194 km away from Sofia, 147 km from Plovdiv, and 531 km from Varna.